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Vivo Presents Voice Changer Application to Sign Language


Vivo is reported to have launched a new application that can be used as a voice or speech modifier to become sign language or text automatically real-time.

This new application from Vivo is also capable of translating sign language into spoken language or into a text. It works to be used for those who do not understand sign language to communicate with the deaf and the mute.

With the help of this app, people with hearing impairments and hearing impairments can talk more effectively with family, friends, and can even be used to order food or shop comfortably.


Reported The telephone from GizmoChinathis application from Vivo comes with various functions, namely, speech-to-text, text-to-speech, text-to-sign languageand sign language-to-text.

On the other hand, technology for sign language recognition over the years has faced challenges, such as accurately tracking finger movements, detecting the direction and trajectory of their movements, dealing with unique language structures and omitted sign language expressions, and distinguishing signs that resemble language gestures. cue.

However, the OriginOS development team successfully faced these challenges with the presence of its newest voice-to-sign language or text converter application.

This translator application is claimed to be able to recognize up to 1,200 sign language vocabulary, and that too with an accuracy level of more than 80 percent or the equivalent of level 4 Chinese HSK.


In addition, Vivo’s voice changer application for sign language or vice versa includes more than 8,000 words in the common Chinese dictionary.

In the future, the OriginOS development team will continue to work on the application and improve the accuracy of the application.

The HP Vivo manufacturing company is also planning to upgrade the app to include HSK level 6 Chinese, and the translation function is optimized for more usage scenarios. [FY/HBS]

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