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NeutraDC, NAVER Cloud, Cisco Garap Cloud Computing Telkom


 PT Telkom Data Ecosystem (TDE) through NeutraDC has established a strategic partnership with NAVER Cloud and Cisco as an effort to accelerate the digital transformation of the business sector in Indonesia.

This collaboration between NeutraDC, NAVER Cloud, and Cisco will provide system services cloud computing more reliable and more secure.

This collaboration also enables all parties to take advantage of local knowledge and support TDE’s data center infrastructure in providing the best cloud services for business players in Indonesia.


“We are pleased to be working with NAVER Cloud & Cisco to support a hyperscale data center in Cikarang, Indonesia. This MOU will encourage collaboration and knowledge-sharing between the three companies,” said CEO of Telkom Data Ecosystem Andreuw Th.AF

Not only as a liaison for international companies to be able to access Indonesia’s largest eyeball and digital economy, NeutraDC also connects all TDE data center resource facilities in Indonesia.

NeutraDC which is supported by TelkomGroup has a strong digital ecosystem involving many parties including Hyperscale players to be able to take full advantage of integrated digital infrastructure with a comprehensive network connection.

On the same occasion, CEO of APAC Development at NAVER Cloud, Weongi Park said, “NAVER Cloud is proud to bring its knowledge and experience in cloud technology to the Indonesian market in collaboration with the Telkom group and Cisco.

“This partnership will help drive innovation and provide the benefits of cloud technology to businesses and consumers in Indonesia,” said Weongi Park.

Meanwhile, President of Service Providers, Asia Pacific and Japan, Cisco Sanjay Kaul also welcomed the collaboration that exists between the three companies.


“At Cisco, partnerships are at the heart of everything we do, which is why we are very pleased to be working with NAVER Cloud and the Telkom group on this innovative venture,” he concluded.

According to Sanjay, that with their industry expertise and cutting-edge technology, Cisco can offer premier cloud telco solutions to Indonesia, driving economic growth to new levels. [HBS]

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