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3 Easy and Simple Ways to Open RAR Passwords


RAR is software shareware which is widely used by computer users to store files. This file was chosen because it has advantages that software other storage.

Data stored in this file format allows it to be protected with the or keyword password. But what if we forget the password? Let’s find out more here.

Overview of RAR


RAR is actually a file format that can combine many files into one. Then, the file will be compressed so as to save storage space.

Presumably we have to thank Eugene Roshal as the maker of RAR. Thanks to this invention we can easily store and transfer files. Moreover, this RAR has advantages that we can take advantage of.

RAR is capable of compressing files up to 40%. If you have a file that is 100 MB in size, then compressed using RAR, the size can only be 60 MB. This will save storage memory space.

Besides that, by using RAR you can send a lot of data at one time in one sending file. Imagine if we had to send them in a regular folder. This will take a lot of time and of course not very practical.

In a normal folder, files must be sent one by one, then the recipient must download them one by one as well. To make it more practical, currently many electronic mail service providers provide download options in the form of RAR or ZIP files for many email attachments.

That way you just have to access it via a PC or laptop, then extract it. You can extract RAR or ZIP files with your smartphone.

RAR files are of two types, namely password-protected files and free files. You can access both via a PC or laptop. If you have a RAR file extractor program, you can directly open the contents of the data.

If the RAR file is protected password, then you have to enter the key first before extracting it. Well, here’s the problem. Sometimes because you download so many RAR files, you might forget the password.

Unlock RAR Passwords

File protection measures are taken so that files are safe and not just anyone can open the file. Especially if the file is very important. As is password that protects the file, at least you don’t need to worry that other people will casually access the file.

But if you forget, it’s you who will feel anxious. The reason is you can no longer access files in RAR during passwordits not valid. But there’s a way around it, kok.

1. Unlock RAR Password with the iSumSoft Application


The first way you can do to open password RAR is with the help of additional applications installed on the laptop. This application can crack locked RAR files that you download from the internet. Here are the steps:

  • Download and install the application iSumsoft RAR Password Refixer first.
  • Moment software it installed successfully, run the application.
  • Select Openthen locate the RAR file you want to open.
  • Next arrange Type of Attack what will be done to hack the RAR file. Choose accordingly. For basic, you can use Brute Force.
  • Wait until the hack process password RARs running. During this process do not close the application. when finished, password the RAR file you are looking for will appear.
  • After that, copy and paste it into the RAR file which is locked password.

2. Unlock RAR Password Online

Now, you can open password RAR online. Is the LostMyPass site that will help you to do it easily. As a side note, the free service of this site can only be used to open RAR files with password the weak (weak password) and password strong (by registering e-mail). Here are the steps:

unlock lostmypass rar password 1-1_
  • Go to www Of browser via your PC, laptop or cellphone.
  • Select “File Types”then followed by selecting an option “RAR”.
unlock lostmypass rar password 2-1_
  • Check the CAPTCHA box which says “I’m not a robot”.
unlock lostmypass rar password 3-1_
  • Upload the RAR file what you want to know passwordher. Drag and drop file to laptop/PC screen, or search fileit’s in HP storage. The maximum file size is 100 MB, yes.
how to open rar password lostmypass1_
  • Wait for the opening process password until finish. Later, LostMyPass will tell password from file that you uploaded earlier. For example, the Caris signal team is trying to open a file RAR. The time spent is less than five minutes.
lostmypass strong password 1_

Just info, for file RAR with password If you are strong, you will need about 18 hours of time. As previously stated, in order to enjoy the service for free, you must enter your e-mail address and verify by pressing link/ button sent by LostMyPass to the e-mail you registered.

If you want to open RAR with password a more complicated one, you will be charged a fee of $ 39 or the equivalent of Rp. 500,000. The process can take even longer.

3. Unlock RAR Password with PassFab

Next, there’s how to unlock password RAR by using software called PassFab. You can use it on a computer or laptop with Windows OS. PassFab is actually a paid service. However, there is free trial which can be tried. Here are the steps to use it:

unlock password rar 1-1_
  • Download and install PassFab on your PC or laptop.
  • Look for file RAR you want to open passwordher. Press the button “Add” to add file.
  • Select the “Dictionary attack” option. Then press the button “Start”.
unlock rar password 1-2_1_
  • Wait until the process is complete. Password RAR will appear on your PC/laptop screen. You can directly copy password to be used to open locked RAR files.

Oh yeah, version free trial Unfortunately this can only be used for one opening process password. It’s also a special opening password which is not complicated, with a number of less than 4 digits.

If you want to open password which is more complicated by using other methods, you have to buy software full version. The tariff is around $ 15.95 or the equivalent of Rp. 238,000 per month.

Password lookup method from software This is done in three ways, namely Brute Force, Dictionary and Brute Force with Mask. The appearance of this software is very practical and fairly easy to use. With just a few steps, you can get the RAR file password you need.

Those are some ways to open password Locked RAR which is easy to do. Now you can open password protected RAR files. So, when you forget, you can immediately use the methods described above. Choose the one that you think is the most effective way.

Basically opening RAR files is not complicated, it’s just that it takes a little time for the process to work. Don’t forget to always be connected to the internet when doing this process. Oh yes, the hacking speed will vary depending on the performance of the laptop you are using.

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