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10 Best Apps to Recover Deleted Photos


You will definitely feel very panicked when you accidentally delete a photo that is in your Android photo album. Moreover, photos on Android will usually be deleted directly without first logging in to the site recycle bin just like on a Windows PC.

If this happens again, you don’t need to worry because now Cari Signal will review a list of applications that can help you recover deleted photos.

Recovering deleted photos is not impossible. The reason is that shortly after being deleted, the photo has not actually been completely deleted from your Android device. Therefore, you must move quickly to save the photos.

You need to know, when a data on Android is deleted, be it photos, songs, documents, and others, the data doesn’t really disappear until other data is ‘written’ on it. What is deleted first is the index that points to the data, so if we can find it then we can restore the data again.

Therefore, this time Cari Signal will provide a solution for those of you who want to find and restore data, especially photos that have been deleted from Android devices.

Here are the 10 best applications to restore deleted photos on Android phones. Check out the following reviews to the end!

1. Dumpster

Dumpster how to recover deleted photos on Android

Dumpster, an application that offers a service where you can restore deleted photos from your Android device.

In its application, Dumpster will act like cloud storage. Once you install and use Dumpster, this application will automatically save your photos in the bin Dumpster.

In addition, Dumpster will ensure the security of data and photos that are stored neatly inside bin dumpster. So, you don’t have to worry about data security as well as photos.

Well, to restore deleted photos, you just need to check bin just and restore photos that have been deleted in the phone. Very easy isn’t it? Download Dumpster here.

2. DiskDigger photo recovery

DiskDigger photo recovery

Not much different from the Dumpster application, DiskDigger photo recovery is also one way to restore deleted photos on Android. The working system of DiskDigger photo recovery is by doing restore on photos that have been deleted on Android devices.

To use the DiskDigger photo recovery application, you don’t have to bother to do anything root on Android devices. However, if you don’t do root then this application provides some limitations to enjoy its features.

As for those of you who do root Android, you can enjoy all the facilities available in the DiskDigger photo recovery application. Not only photos, you can even restore deleted videos on Android. Complete enough right? Get the app here.

3. DigDeep Image Recovery

DigDeep Image Recovery

Want to restore deleted photos on Android? Well, now the DigDeep Image Recovery application can be one of the best solutions for you to use. This application guarantees its users to be able to perform restore deleted photos in internal memory or external memory.

In addition, DigDeep Image Recovery is very easy and simple to use by anyone and on any Android device.

You only need to enter the DigDeep Image Recovery application, then this application will automatically perform scanning. Well, after it’s done scanning You can immediately find the lost photo. Easy isn’t it? Install the app here for free!

4. Restore Image

Restore Image

Recovering lost photos on Android can now be done easily and quickly. Yes, Restore Image is one way in the form of an application that will restore lost or even deleted photos on Android. This application is not much different from other applications.

Restore Image ready to do restoring on photos that have been deleted either intentionally or unintentionally.

Also, you don’t have to do rooting on your Android phone. In fact, Restore Image also doesn’t need the help of a PC to restore deleted photos. It’s easy, right? Download here.

5. Deleted Photo Recovery

Deleted Photo Recovery

Back again with developer GreatStuffApps. This time Deleted Photo Recovery can be one of the applications made by GreatStuffApps that can be relied upon to restore deleted photos on Android. In the application, Deleted Photo Recovery will restore deleted photos easily and quickly.

You just need to open the application, then Deleted Photo Recovery will do it scanning automatically and find deleted photos for you. You just need to select the folder where the deleted photos are stored. Don’t worry, you don’t have to rooting Android to use Deleted Photo Recovery. Interested? Download here.

6. Photo Recovery – Entsien

photo recovery entsien_

Next, there is an application Photo Recovery from Entsien. This application can help you to recover data on your Android phone in the form of photos that have been deleted. However, only a few photos can be recovered.

Deleted photos can be recovered with this application, provided they were taken when this application was installed on your phone.

How to restore deleted photos with this application is quite easy. You only need to scan the photos that have been deleted through this application, then select the photos you want to recover, and wait for the process to complete.

To view the recovered photos, you can open the tab recovered inside this application.

7. Data Recovery – Recover Photos

data recovery recover photos_

Recovering permanently deleted photos sounds impossible. However, you can rely on apps that can help you recover deleted photos from your Android phone.

One of them is this Data Recovery application. This application allows you to restore deleted data on your phone, such as photos, videos, pdf documents, and so on.

It is just, file that can be recovered is limited. However, if you are interested in trying it, please download Data Recovery – Recover Photos here.

8. Dr.Fone


This application comes from a well-known developer who developed and launched the Filmora video editing application. Yes, Wondershare, the developer, presents Dr.Fone for those of you who want to recover deleted data on your phone, including photos.

In addition to photos, you can also restore various types file such as videos, documents and audio that have been deleted. This application also has features recycle bin which you can use as a ‘dumping place’ file which is not so important anymore.

However, you can restore back file who have logged in to recycle bin this application. Try Dr.Fone by downloading it via following link.

9. Data Recovery, Photo Recovery

data recovery, photo recovery_

Application Data Recovery, Photo Recovery can help users to restore deleted photos, especially on Android phones.

This app will scan file deleted on your phone automatically, then restore it back. Besides photos, how many are there? file which can be recovered in this app. Among them are video, documents and audio.

10. Recover Deleted Photos – HumpbackWhale

recover deleted photos humpback whale_

The app from HumpbackWhale offers recovery features file on the phone, including photos. This app will scan file which is deleted from the phone automatically. The photos that are inside folder even hidden ones can be scanned and recovered by this app.

Not only photos, users can rely on this application to recover various types file others, one of which is audio. Try Recover Deleted Photos from HumpbackWhale of link iini.

So that’s the list of apps to safely restore deleted photos on Android. If you want to restore other types of files, we’ve also reviewed the tutorials here.

One message for you, never forget to back up photos and data on Android so you don’t regret losing them in the future.

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