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11 Ways to Open Sites Blocked by ISPs and Operators


Blocking of internet sites by the government at this time seems to be happening in our country. Lots provider cellular and ISP in our country that restricts access to certain sites. The reasons for blocking also vary, but the dominant ones are because they contain elements of SARA, pornography, and terrorism.

To overcome such obstacles, on this occasion we will provide a review. You can also use these tips to open sites that are blocked by the office network or when using a network connection hotspot in public place. But remember, use these tips only for positive activities and not for negative things.

So, is there a way to open blocked sites on Google Chrome HP or PC? Or use a Web Proxy? We will answer all these questions in the following review.

Blocked Site Features

privacy warning_

There are several characteristics that you can observe to find out whether the site is blocked or not. The reason is that the site may indeed be experiencing problems and not being blocked.

The warning above is the clearest marker that the site is blocked, even though the site does not necessarily contain SARA and pornography. A view like this appears when the Caris Signal team tries to open the site. Also, you’ll usually see a page that says “Positive Internet” when you visit certain sites.

How to open a blocked site

So, if you experience any of the signs above, now is the time for us to unblock it. There are several ways to open blocked sites. Please choose the easiest and most effective way to open it.

1. Using the Tor Browser

tor browser_

One method you can use is to open a blocked site with the Tor Browser. Browser it can help you to open any site you want.

Tor Browser even blocks tracker ads and leave no cookie residue when you’re done browsing. Even so, ads can still appear, yes. Only indeed trackerit is blocked by Tor.

Tor Browser also allows users to be able to browsing calmly without fear fingerprint– it leaked late device which is used, such as mouse for example. Just for info, Tor Browser will use relay servers when you open the site you are going to. So, you will not be directly redirected to the site. There are several servers that will be skipped first.

For example, servers from Finland, Romania, then the United States. Now, after that, you will be redirected to the site earlier, but as a visitor from one of the countries previously mentioned.

Even though Tor Browser is considered safe and legal abroad, especially the US, you still have to be careful when using it. According to the cybernews site, just a little mistake can keep your data leaked when browsing using Tor Browser.

Especially when the sites you access use JavaScript, or even you yourself use Tor with JavaScript.

It’s possible that irresponsible people still do it fingerprinting and steal your data. How to use Tor Browser is not much different from browser normal. Please visit to download browsermulti-platform this.

2. Using NordVPN


Download NordVPN

NordVPN is a VPN application that can be used on a variety of devices, from Android, iOS and Mac to Windows. The application for the Windows operating system is fairly simple. You just have to drag the map and click on the country marker to start the connection.

You can also browse the list of countries and also save favorite countries for faster access. For security, the application has multiple servers that offer double protection by routing connections through two servers instead of one. Curious to try it?

2. Use Opera VPN

opera vpn

If you use the Opera browser, then you can take advantage of the VPN feature in the Opera browser or browser. If you don’t have it yet, you can first download Opera. If so, please open Operathen “Menu” after that open “New private windows”.

opera vpn

After that, try to pay attention to the words VPN next to the site address. Please activate the VPN. Once active, you can easily access blocked sites.

opera vpn

This feature of Opera VPN is not only for Opera on PC. Opera VPN can also be activated in smartphone. You first download Opera on the Google Play Store. Remember, what you download is Opera, not Opera Mini. After that, do the same steps as activating VPN on Opera VPN.

3. Using SetupVPN


You can open blocked sites using SetupVPN. This service is a VPN service that can be accessed free of charge. ON PC, you can install it as software installed on the Windows operating system.

You can also install SetupVPN on browser as add-on/extension in Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge browsers. SetupVPN can also be used on Android iOS and MacBook devices.

SetupVPN itself is a relatively good VPN service. This service is worth using if you mind buying a paid VPN. But it must be remembered, free VPNs are reportedly less secure than paid VPNs.

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