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4 Ways to Make Your Own Barcodes via HP or Laptop


Barcode is a geometric pattern that generally has a vertical shape. function of barcode is to scan and track an item or property. At the start of his introduction, barcode used to track trains. However, over time barcode has become increasingly popular since it was used to list goods in supermarkets.

Did you know that there are 2 types barcodei.e. Universal Product Code/Universal Product Code and International Standard Book Number (ISBN). ISBNs are generally licensed from official institutions to validate products that will be sold to the market.

In addition to production needs and tracking retail availability, barcodes can also be used for personal purposes. For example, barcode made to mark products for sale or personal collection so that you can easily identify them.

If in the past you needed a special tool to create barcodes, now you can make your own barcodes on your PC, Android or Apple devices. Is there a way to create barcodes for food products? Is it possible to make barcode in Excel? Well, here Caris Signal will answer the question through this article.

How to Make Barcodes Online

There are several sites that you can rely on to create barcode on line. Here’s a list of sites and the steps to create one.

1. Create Barcodes for Business Purposes

tec-it barcode_

Make barcode online can be used for business purposes as you must use a valid identification code. Following are the steps to create an official barcode that can be used to start your business:

  1. Create a UPC / ISBN identification number for your product. You can make a UPC / ISBN number with the same number at first, but must be different in the last few digits.
  2. Meanwhile, to obtain an ISBN number you can go to links On this site you can request Single ISBN, issuer block ISBN number, or extra ISBN number issuer. Here, you’ll request an ISBN from an organization called Browker to verify your business. After the ISBN is submitted, you can put it barcode it on the back of your item.
  3. Enter the links to make barcode You. After entering the product data along with the details, barcode can be downloaded directly from the site. In addition to ISBN barcodes, the Tec-it site can be relied upon to create types barcode other. Among them QR code, linear code, Pharmacy Product Number and much more.

2. Create Barcodes for Personal Use


If you don’t want to use barcode for business purposes, you can also use it for your personal inventory, you know. Here is how to make barcode to put on personal belongings:

  1. Enter the site to make barcode by online.
  2. Follow wizard barcode to make barcode your digital.
  3. Set a name and serial number for every item on this site to produce barcode personal.
  4. Paste barcode in any item that you own for personal use.

Apart from, you can also rely on creator sites barcode other online. Check out the steps here:

  1. Go to site to make barcode.
  2. Choose a gension barcode you want to make (QR, UPC-A, Code 128 or Code 39).
  3. input the data barcode in the column provided.
  4. Choose a format outputher (JPG, PNG or SVG).
  5. Click the “Create Barcode” Button. Wait until the build process barcode done.
  6. Press the “Download” button to save barcode.

How to Make Barcodes Through Excel

create barcodes in excel

Besides through website the internet, barcode can also be made easily with only Excel. Barcode made by Microsoft Excel can also be directly printed and pasted on your goods. Here are the steps to create barcode with help from Excel:

  1. Enter the links and select a menu “Product”. Then, on the menu “Integration”press options “Microsoft Excel”.
  2. Find the menu “Barcode Fonts & VBA Macros”then click on the red button with the inscription “Integration”.
  3. download file by pressing a button “Download” coloured Red.
  4. Save file downloaded to the computer and open the file with the name “” to extract on your computer.
  5. Open Microsoft Excelthen select a menu “Tools” from toolbar top, then find the menu “Macro” and select “Visual Basic Editor”.
  6. Click the menu “File” from toolbar above, then find and select the menu “Import File”.
  7. Open a browser to navigate to the predefined Automation IDdownload. Look for the macro file named “IDautomation.bas” and open it in a browser. After that, files will be added in the folder “Modules” which is in Excel
  8. Exit the Visual Basic Editorgo back to workbook empty. Test barcode you by typing the number in cell A1. In the next cell, type function barcode.
  9. Type “=Code128(A1)” in cell B2 and press “Enter” after you finish coding the data.
  10. Pilih sell B2and go to options font then look for the automation ID font and choose one of them. Barcode will be displayed in cell B2.

How to Make Barcodes Through Android

If you find it difficult to make barcode from Excel, then there is an easier way you know. For those of you who use an Android device, you can take advantage of several applications barcode. Of course the following application is very easy to use and not complicated. Here’s an Android application for how to make barcode:

1. Barcode Generator

Barcode Generator

If you don’t want complicatedyou can also use the app to create barcode which can be downloaded from Android devices. One maker app barcode on Android is Barcode Generator. This application developed by Aeiou is smart enough to make barcode.

Inside the Barcode Generator there are 11 types of barcode codes that you can choose according to your needs. Starting from the QR Code to the barcode which is generally printed on product packaging sold in supermarkets.

This app gets review which is quite positive from Android users. Yes, Barcode Generator is indeed the right choice if you want to create barcode without must complicated using Microsoft Excel. download Barcode Generator For Android on Google PlayStore.

2. Barcode Generator & Scanner

barcode generator 1_

There is another maker application barcode which can be tried on Android. It’s called Barcode Generator & Scanner. Method do it barcode with this app it’s easy. Simply run the application on your cellphone, then select the “Create Barcode” option.

If so, select the type barcode what you’re going to make. After that, enter the code number in the column provided. Press the “Create” button to create barcode. From here, you will be taken to the next page. Well, on this page, you are free to edit the color barcodeeven specify template. Very unique, right?

Unfortunately, not all features in this application can be accessed for free. Examples like template. There are some available for VIP users only. If you use a free service, the app will show ads.

So, if you subscribe to VIP, you can definitely try the special features of this application. The ad will also not appear. Subscription rates start from IDR 14,000 per month. Want to? download Barcode Generator & Scanner for Android on Google PlayStore.

3. Barcode Architect

Barcode Architect

Barcode Architect is one of the choice of maker apps barcode other. This application was created and developed by developer named Simon Boylen. In this application, Barcode Architect provides features where users can create barcode 1D easily and without limits.

Not only that, Barcode Architect too avail for formats barcode such as EAN, UPC-A, UPC-E, ISBN, and many more. You can also send results right away barcode already created via e-mail or save it in PNG, JPG, SVG, or HTML5 format. Complete enough right? Download Barcode Architect for Android on Google PlayStore.

4. QR Code Generator – QRTIGER

qrtiger 1-side_

Next, there is the QR Code Generator from QRTIGER. As the name implies, this application can be used togenerate QR code. It’s not difficult to generate a QR code here. Just open the app, then select the QR code generation option as needed. For example, the Caris Signal team created a QR Code from text. So, we chose the “Text” option.

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