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Know 3 Ways to Take Screenshots on Vivo X80, Simple and Practical


vivo X80 is one of those phones flagship with reliable specifications for various activities, especially photography. However, since this HP has chipset and large RAM, this cellphone is also comfortable to use for work or play game.

Well, sometimes when browsing and play game with the vivo X80, you will find interesting or important things that need to be saved or shared with others. Fortunately, vivo already has features screenshot complete.

In the following, the Carisignal team will discuss several ways to do this screenshot on this vivo phone. Check out his review below.

Common Way Screenshot by vivo X80

vivo X80 comes with a FunTouch 12 interface based on Android 12, so this cellphone has a number of the latest features typical of Android, including features for screenshot.

Even though it uses the latest Android system, it turns out that this cellphone can still use the general method screenshot which is usually done on other Android phones. Here are the steps to take screenshot which is easy and fast on HP vivo.

1. Using Physical Keys

vivo x80 pro screenshot_

The first step, find the thing you want to save. Show on the HP screen. To do screenshotyou just have to push the button power and volume down next to the body at the same time.

Press and hold both physical buttons until the screen flashes indicating that screenshot It is already done. Do not release both buttons until the screen flashes or you hear a camera shutter sound. If the screen doesn’t flash, it means screenshot failed and you can repeat the above method.

2. Using Icons in Control Center

S-Capture 2

Another way to do screenshot the vivo X80 is using icons screenshot or S-capture already available in the control center. This method is suitable for use when the physical buttons on your cellphone are having problems.

First step, open control center by dragging the screen from top to bottom. Then, look for the icon screenshot which exists. For vivo phones usually display an icon with the words screenshot.

When the icon is touched, the process is automatic screenshot will take place and the HP screen flashes. Usually if screenshot successful, a notification will appear on your cellphone.

3. Screenshot Long

S-Capture 4

Use screenshot long or long screenshot It’s not hard either, you know. Before taking screenshotmake sure the page to be retrieved can be scrolled down.

Then, take screenshot the way you want, like using S-Capture. If you have, select screenshot option length on the toolbar screenshot. You can scroll the area screenshot to the very bottom. Once done, please click save. Results screenshot will be saved in the gallery.

Special Way Screenshot by vivo X80

Vivo also presents a number of special ways screenshot which is easier and faster. This special method can be used as an alternative for those of you who want to take screenshot without the HP button.

Cara Screenshot with Three Fingers

how to screenshot OPPO A57 3 finger gesture_

First, there is a way screenshot with three fingers. This method is considered easier to do because it does not have to press physical buttons.

  • The first step is to activate the feature Gesture.
  • Enter to Settings then select Aditional Settings and select part Button and gesture.
  • Select part Take a screenshot and select Slide 3 fingers down.
  • Well, to do screenshot, swipe your three fingers on the screen from top to bottom.
  • If screenshot If successful, the cellphone will vibrate or hear a camera shutter sound. Results screenshot can be directly saved in the gallery.

Cara Screenshot with Easy Touch feature

Screenshot of vivo y35 easy touch_

Apart from several ways screenshot which the Carisignal team reviewed above, there is also a way screenshot in vivo X80 which is easier and faster, namely using the Easy Touch feature or Easy Touch.

When this feature is active, there will be a ball icon floating on the side of the screen. Well, in the icon there is an option to screenshot. Here are the steps to use Easy Touch.

1. Enable Easy Touch Feature

The first step, you must activate this feature by going to Arrangement. Then, select Shortcuts and accessibility > Easy Touch. Activate the options in this section.

If the feature is active, a small ball icon will appear. Well, if you press this icon, several shortcut keys will appear, one of which is useful for screenshot screen display quickly.

2. Cara Screenshot

To start screenshot to use the Easy Touch feature, you need to enter the desired screen view. After that, you can simply tap on the ball icon. Very easy, right?

Recommended Screenshot Applications

Sometimes you need results screenshot which is better or which can beedit in such a way. Then there is no harm in using third-party applications in the Play Store. Well, here are application recommendations screenshot free which you can use on vivo X80.

1. Screen Master

Screenshot master_

Screen Master is one application screenshot The best on the Play Store. This free application has been used by more than 5 million users.

The advantage of this application is user interfaceits quite simple and practical. The application is light and the image quality is also high. The features are complete, including image editing and sharing options to social media.

The drawback of this application is the availability of ads which are quite annoying. However, this is understandable because this application is free. In addition, this application cannot take pictures of protected content. Another drawback, this application displays an additional bar in the status bar which is a bit of a hassle when used.

For those of you who don’t want to bother with additional blades, just shake your cellphone when you’re about to take it screenshot.

2. Screenshot Pro

Screenshot pro_

Screenshot Pro pretty much downloaded by Android users. It is equipped with features screenshot easy, complete with features editing. With this application you canedit results screenshot as you wish. In fact, you can add additional images to text in the results screenshother.

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