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9 Recommendations for Trusted Home Buying and Selling Sites


House buying and selling sites can be used as free or paid advertising for those of you who intend to sell your house. The Carisinyal team has recommendations for several trusted home buying and selling sites. Some of them are sites that are already popular. Let's look at the list below.

1. Pinhome


Pinhome is a home buying and selling site that stands out with various advantages. With platformWith its sophisticated capabilities, Pinhome provides an intuitive and efficient experience for those of you who want to search for properties.

One of its main advantages is the ability to provide detailed information about the property, including pictures, descriptions, and details about the neighborhood.

Complete information about property facilities is also available. Especially for houses like cluster. Advanced search features allow users to customize their search criteria. Not only new houses, on Pinhome you can also look for second-hand houses and apartments.

What we like most about the Pinhome site is the presence of KPR and Take Over simulations, complete with information about both. For those of you who want to buy a house on Pinhome, the site offers responsive customer support service. Please visit Pinhome official site.

2. Dekoruma


Dekoruma has a large selection of advertised properties. Mainly for houses and apartments. One of the plus points is the presence of a direct location search feature map.

The property search category also makes it easier for us to find the desired property. At Dekoruma, the categories are separated based on location, type and price of the property.

Information about the property is also presented in full. Especially if the location is a housing complex or cluster. In fact, we found quite detailed information about building materials and brands appliances used.

Apart from providing property listing services, Dekoruma is also famous for its products furniture quality made by them. Interested? Visit the Dekoruma website just.

3. Brighton


Brighton is a home buying and selling site that has various advantages. One of the advantages is the availability of various types of property for sale, ranging from residential houses, apartments, to empty land.

This provides flexibility in choosing a property according to your needs and preferences. Apart from that, information about the property being sold is also complete.

In our opinion, the appearance and user interface Brighton is not as sophisticated as other sites like Pinhome. However, this does not really reduce comfort when searching for property on this site.

For those of you who want to sell or rent property, we provide a service called “Titip Properti”. With this service, Brighton guarantees that your property will sell faster. This cannot be separated from the existence of thousands of Brighton agents spread throughout the archipelago.


cariaset_cariaset_ could be a solution for those of you who are looking for or want to sell property. This site provides general information about advertised properties. Starting from photos, information about the building, land and rooms inside.

You can use it search bar to find the desired property. Type the property location, and listit will come out straight away.

What's interesting, this site also provides information about property price estimates. Property review information is also available through the RevPro feature. Interested? Please visit the Cariaset site.



Established in 2007, provides a fairly complete property database. Until now, this site has accommodated hundreds of thousands of properties including land in it. also accepts buying and selling of apartments, office buildings or shophouses for rent.

Also known for its ease of operation and easy access, the site comes with features such as search, new properties, mortgage simulation, filters, save and contacts.

Several branch offices have been opened, such as in the cities of Bandung, Bali, Makassar, Surabaya and Yogyakarta. This site is suitable for those of you who want to search for or even advertise various types of property. Visit


99c0_99c0_ provides a choice of properties for sale, such as villas, shophouses, houses, land, kiosks and apartments. The feature displayed on this site is a sufficient search filter advancedas well as a mortgage calculator.

In every advertisement posted, there is complete information about the property for sale or rent. So, interestingly, you can directly download the property brochure from the site.

At, there is also information about ongoing property projects. Don't forget, there is information and tips about buying property. This site is great too user friendly so it's easy to use, not infrequently even several developer well-known people also place advertisements on the site.



Lamudi is one of the most popular home buying and selling sites. In fact, this site is now also taking part in the OLX site in terms of property sales.

Various types of property are available here, such as houses, land, apartments and commercial buildings that can be rented. In our opinion, Lamudi is one of the sites to find properties that own it user interface the best

The appearance of the site makes it easy for us to find property information. Details of facilities, contacts, and even installment simulations from every bank in Indonesia are available here. Don't forget, Lamudi also provides information about the environment around the property and various existing public facilities.


my house_my house_

The next house buying and selling site is which contains advertisements for various types of property such as land, houses, apartments and shophouses. This site has a more complete search filter and advanced.

You can search for houses using certain filters such as land area, number of bathrooms and bedrooms, and even surrounding facilities. Searching based on property location is also fairly easy, because this feature can be accessed directly from the RumahKu site homepage.

This site is also suitable for those of you who want to advertise property for rent or sale. Oh yes, at RumahKu, there are lots of articles containing useful information about property that you can read, you know. Visit the RumahKu website directly.



There are many types of property for sale at Realoka such as houses, land, shophouses and warehouses as well as villas. Realoka's area coverage is Jabodetabek, Bandung to Surabaya.

Even though it's not like that sophisticated Like other house buying and selling sites, this site has quite complete search features. One of them is the property filter option based on location.

Another advantage of Realoka is the presence of premium advertising features. By paying a fee, you can place an ad that will be included in the priority list. So, the opportunity toreach more property buyers.

That's a list of recommendations for the most trusted and best home buying and selling sites in Indonesia. So, have you found a site that suits your preferences?

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