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Various ways to find out whether a Samsung cellphone is original or fake


The circulation of KW, reconditioned and replica Samsung cellphones is quite disturbing for users gadget original. The reason is, some of these fake cellphones are also sold freely at cellphone outlets or in shops online.

The appearance and even the specification information for fake Samsung cellphones are not much different from the original ones. This is certainly very worrying because most of us find it difficult to see these differences if we only look at them at a glance.

Therefore, as buyers, we must be more observant in distinguishing genuine Samsung cellphones from fake ones. So, I will share the steps on how to check a genuine Samsung cellphone to distinguish it from a fake one.

Check the IMEI of the Samsung cellphone

To find out the authenticity of your Samsung cellphone, please check the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) on a Samsung cellphone. It’s easy, please follow these steps:

  • Open dialer on your Samsung cellphone and type *#06#.
  • Copy one of the IMEI numbers and save it in the notes application, or another safe place on your cellphone.
  • Match the copied IMEI with the IMEI number listed on the Samsung cellphone sales box. If it is the same, you can be sure that your Samsung cellphone is guaranteed to be authentic.

Apart from checking through dialer, you can also confirm the originality of your Samsung cellphone via the website to check the IMEI. One of the most popular sites is Here are the steps to check IMEI on the website:

  • Enter the site
  • Paste the IMEI number of your Samsung cellphone in the column provided.
  • Fill in the CAPTCHA column. Once finished, press the button “Check”.
  • Information about your cellphone will appear on the website, including the IMEI and serial number. If it matches what is stated on the sales box or device, then your Samsung cellphone is guaranteed to be authentic.

FYI, this site can also be used to check the warranty on your Samsung cellphone. However, this service is paid.

You can also see information about IMEI in the menu Settings > About Phone. Here the IMEI number, serial number, product name and cellphone model will be listed.


Check the specifications, price and physical characteristics of Samsung cellphones


Checking the specifications and physical characteristics of a Samsung cellphone can also help ensure the authenticity of the device. If you purchased an HP unit from e-commerce and not a shop officialmake sure the specifications of the Samsung cellphone that you will or have purchased match the original.

For example, you will buy a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra cellphone. This cellphone has top class specifications. For example, using a jumbo RAM capacity of 12 GB chipset Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, comes with a 200 MP camera that can zoom in on objects such as the moon.

Well, in e-commerce, it is not uncommon for there to be unscrupulous sellers who market replica Samsung cellphones. Some of them don’t even include information that the cellphone is not an original unit. There are also those who provide specification information that is similar to the original. As in the image below, for example.


However, if you are observant enough, the irregularities are very easy to find. It’s impossible for a cellphone as sophisticated as the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra to be sold for IDR 1 million, right?

Obviously, if you look at the specifications offered, it can’t be HP flagship This price is even cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy A33 5G that I use. The original price for a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra HP unit can reach tens of millions of Rupiah.

If you find something similar in e-commerce, it is very likely that the cellphone unit being sold is not the original one. Before buying, please first make sure the cellphone specifications offered are the same as on the official Samsung website. Or, you can also go to the cellphone specifications page on Carisinyal.

For those of you who have a Samsung cellphone unit but are unsure about its authenticity, you can also try checking the specifications and physical characteristics of the cellphone. For physical conditions, for example you buy a Samsung Galaxy A33 5G cellphone. This cellphone has a wide screen with waterdrop notch or water drop bangs. The most characteristic notable is the presence of USB type-C as port chargingas well as his absence audio jack 3.5 mm from the cellphone body mid-range the.


It can also be seen from the screen sector. For example, the Samsung Galaxy A33 5G has an AMOLED screen with support for Full HD+ resolution. Automatically, the screen display is clear and sharp. Output the color is natural.

There is also a fingerprint sensor under the screen, NFC, 5G network and Bluetooth 5.1. If everything is different, it should be understood if you suspect that the Samsung cellphone unit you own or want to buy is not a genuine unit.

Updated Software, Interface and Built-in Applications

Every unit of the latest Samsung cellphone is definitely equipped with the latest Android OS. In addition, Samsung provides an update guarantee software until the next few years. For example, the Samsung Galaxy A33 unit that I use already has Android 13 with the OneUI 5.1 interface.

So, you can follow similar steps to find out the authenticity of the Samsung cellphone unit you own. Here’s how:

  • Enter the menu “Settings”.
  • Select an option “About Phone”.
  • Enter the menu “Software Information”.

Please check the version of OneUI and also the Android OS used. If your Samsung cellphone is original, there will definitely be correct information about the software. For example, you buy a Samsung Galaxy A33 5G cellphone. If the interface is not OneUI, the settings menu will not be the same.

Samsung Pass_Samsung Pass_

The latest Samsung cellphones also usually have built-in features and applications. Examples include Samsung Free, Samsung Pass, and Galaxy Store. It’s also important to remember that Samsung cellphones rarely come with applications prainstal and annoying ads. So, if the default applications and features are not available, you should suspect that the cellphone unit you have is not genuine.

Test the performance of the kitchen runway, camera and other features

Samsung Galaxy S23 FESamsung Galaxy S23 FE

If you buy a cellphone flagship like the Samsung Galaxy S23 series, of course this cellphone can do it raise game heavy thanks to the capable kitchen runway sector. So, you can try testing your cellphone’s performance as an additional step.

Apart from that, try testing the main camera, other supporting cameras and also the performance of the front camera lens. It seems strange if HP flagship unable to produce photos of top quality.

Samsung Galaxy S23 UltraSamsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Another step you can try is to check additional features such as fingerprint sensors, voice command applications such as Samsung Bixby, and features such as Battery and Device Care to check the health of the device, both from the physical side such as the screen, buttons, to the speakers, as well as from the side of the device. its soft.

Check the Box or Sales Package


Original Samsung cellphones with official guarantees are usually still sold in sealed boxes. Apart from that, it contains equipment such as a warranty card, USB cable, SIM ejector and manual. Some Samsung cellphone units, such as the Samsung Galaxy A33 5G, usually do not include a head charger, earphone and also soft case.

If you buy a Samsung cellphone, don’t forget to check the seal and completeness in the sales package, OK? Especially if you buy a cellphone unit from a shop online.

It’s not that difficult to ensure the authenticity of a Samsung cellphone if we know how. The difference between genuine and fake Samsung cellphones can be easily identified through price differences, physical checks, features and software.

Original Samsung cellphones usually provide a better usage experience seamless and features that pamper users. Even from a physical or body perspective, even the HP unit low-entryusually feelit still feels different.

In order to avoid undesirable things happening, you should buy your Samsung cellphone unit from the official store. If you still have to buy at e-commerce and not a shop officialmake sure the shop is trustworthy, okay?

So, if you are still unsure about checking yourself, please try visiting service center The nearest Samsung in your area. Ask an expert for help to check.

The original Samsung Galaxy has a proportional and fitting shape, according to the promotional image. For example, in the picture above, there is an original version of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and a copy version. The image above is taken from video from the Redskull channel which explains the differences between the original and fake versions of the Samsung Galaxy S8.

As seen in the original version, the screen appears full from top to bottom, leaving thin bezels at the top and bottom. This is different from the fake version, where the screen is not completely full and leaves a black line, making the top and bottom bezels wider.

2. Tes LCD

LCD test samsungLCD test samsung

You can check the authenticity of the cellphone after you have already bought it. The way to do this is to test the LCD. You simply write the code *#0*# on the calling screen. After that, your Samsung phone will present several tests such as touch screen, camera, sound, and more.

You can also check the specifications on the cellphone with a certain code. The way to do this is by typing *#*#4636#*#*. Later the screen will display information on the specifications of the Samsung cellphone. Adjust these specifications with the official specifications of the type of Samsung cellphone whose authenticity you suspect.

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