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It’s easy, here’s how to turn off the auto-correct feature on Xiaomi cellphones


Feature auto-correction (automatic correction) is one of the interesting features. Features that are also frequently mentioned auto-correct it is present in various applications keyboard which can be found on Xiaomi cellphones. This feature certainly has a function that is quite helpful, especially when typing fast.

The reason is, errors in typing may occur when you are typing fast. With this feature, mistyped words can be corrected immediately, provided that the word prediction is set to Indonesian.

However, predictions from features auto-correction is not always correct, even different from the intended word. Therefore, some people actually feel annoyed and want to turn off this feature. It’s just that not everyone knows how.

If you are a Xiaomi user and want to know how to turn off the feature auto-correct. In this article, the Caris Signal team has prepared several ways that you can do it. To be clearer, please see this article until it’s finished, OK?

How to turn off the Auto-correct feature on Xiaomi cellphones

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Some of you may use the app keyboard different. However, most apps already have the feature auto-correctits own, such as the Google Keyboard app, Facemoji Keyboard, or Microsoft Swiftkey Keyboard. Well, below is a way to turn off the feature auto-correct in app keyboard the.

1. How to Turn Off the Auto-correct Feature in the Google Keyboard Application

The first application that is used most often, including Xiaomi users, is the Google Keyboard. This default application from Google has good security and many features. One of the features is auto-correction. Even so, this feature is actually annoying for some people.

So, if you want to turn off this feature, please refer to the steps below.

  • The first step you can take is to bring up keyboard first. The keyboard will appear when you are in a typing condition.
how to turn off xiaomi autocorrect
  • After that, press the gear icon that is on keyboard to enter the Settings menu keyboard.
how to turn off xiaomi autocorrect
  • Select the menu “Text correction” to set some settings related to text correction.
how to turn off xiaomi autocorrect
  • In it, there are several settings that can be adjusted according to your needs.
  • To turn off the feature auto-correctpress toggle beside “Auto-correction” or “Auto correction” to gray.
  • After success, features auto-correct in the Google Keyboard application will not provide automatic predictions for words that are considered incorrect.

2. How to turn off the auto-cross feature in the Facemoji keyboard application

The Facemoji Keyboard application is also often an option for some Xiaomi users. This keyboard offers a variety facemoji to an interesting theme. Well, if you are bothered by the features auto-correct from the Facemoji Keyboard application, you can turn off the feature easily. To be clearer, see the following steps.

  • Just like before, you have to spawn keyboard or the keyboard first.
how to turn off xiaomi autocorrect
  • After that, press the face icon that is winking one eye at keyboard.
how to turn off xiaomi autocorrect
  • Scroll down and select “Other” to enter the Settings menu keyboard.

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