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This is an easy way to get rid of the navigation button on the HP Infinix


As a HP brand that is on the rise and is gaining popularity, especially in the Indonesian market. Infinix always tries to offer attractive HP that is sophisticated and affordable. This can be seen from the interface system update which features many interesting features.

One of the interesting features on this HP Infinix is ​​the navigation system. kindly defaultHP Infinix will use a navigation system in the form of buttons, namely recent, home, and back. Did you know that the navigation buttons on this HP Infinix can be removed? True, there is a second navigation system that can be used, namely gesture navigation.

With the loss of the button navigation system, your HP Infinix screen looks wider. In addition, if you choose this gesture navigation system, the use of HP becomes more dynamic in navigating. You no longer need to stick to the three buttons below, but have more freedom by performing special moves.

As an HP Infinix user, are you interested in trying this gesture navigation system? If you don’t know how to change it, don’t worry. This time, the Caris Signal team will discuss how to remove the navigation buttons and use the gesture navigation system. So, please read this article to the end, OK?

How to Remove Navigation Buttons on HP Infinix

Infinix hot 12i

If you want to try the gesture navigation system on the HP Infinix, you don’t need to worry. Because, the way to do it is quite easy. To be clearer, please refer to the following steps.

  • The first step that must be taken is to open the “Settings” first.
turn off autocorrect hp infinix
  • You can open it through the notification bar or the application directly.
turn off autocorrect hp infinix
  • After that, scroll to the very bottom and select the menu “System”.
remove infinix navigation buttons
  • Then, select the menu “System navigation” to open its navigation options.
remove infinix navigation buttons
  • To change it to a gesture navigation system, please press “Gesture navigation” until the circle next to it is green.
  • Wait a few moments for the navigation buttons to disappear. After that, you can use the gesture navigation system on your HP Infinix.

Overview of the Gesture Navigation System on the HP Infinix

review Infinix Hot 12i cover

In simple terms, system gesture navigation or gesture navigation allows you to operate your HP with gestures. Because, the three navigation buttons viz recent, homeand back there is no more. If you previously used the navigation key, you may have to get used to the movement a little first.

So, so as not to get confused, here are the movements used in the gesture navigation system.

Back to the previous level; This gesture has the same function as the button back. You can return to the previous page or window by swiping in from the left or right edge. You can do this from the top left or right edge to the bottom.

Open the recent apps screen; This gesture has the same function as the button recent apps. Usually, the button has a stacked square or three-line icon. To do so, you just have to swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen, then hold down or pause on the center of the screen.

Wait until some of the previous applications appear or become visible. After that, you can freely choose the application as usual.

Back to home; This movement has the same function as the button home on the navigation buttons. The gesture that must be performed is similar to the gesture to open a recent application. However, to return to the start page, all you have to do is swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen slightly faster or without holding.

Switch apps; This gesture has the same function, namely to open the latest application. However, this movement is arguably faster and more practical if only two applications are open or next to each other. To do so, you just have to swipe right or left on the edge of the bottom of the screen.

Active voice assistant; This gesture has a function to open Google Assistant. You just need to swipe up from left corner or right corner. Once Google Assistant is open, you can give voice commands or questions as usual.

The movements for this gesture navigation system are actually quite easy. It’s just that it takes some time to get used to these movements. Especially if you are used to using the button navigation system. You may still be looking for the three buttons at the bottom of the screen if you’re not used to them.

This gesture navigation system is suitable for those of you who want to experience a more interesting mobile usage experience. Because, you do not have to point your finger towards the button.

However, not all HP users, including Infinix, like this feature. The reasons can be varied, ranging from being used to buttons, being considered more difficult with movements, and so on. If you want to change it back to the button navigation system, you can follow the method above and select the button navigation or Three-button navigation.

For information, the cellphone used for the needs of this article is Infinix HOT 12i. This cellphone uses the Android 11 operating system with the XOS Dolphin v7.6.0 interface. If you use another HP Infinix model, the method that must be done is not much different.

If you use another HP brand besides Infinix, we also have several related articles. Starting from how to hide photos or videos on Xiaomi cellphones, how to restart OPPO cellphones, how to hide applications on Vivo cellphones, and so on. Until here first the discussion this time and good luck.

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