Sony Develops Horizon Zero Dawn PS5 Remaster



 Horizon Zero Dawn PS5 Remaster is reportedly in development. Sony plans an amended version of game The critically acclaimed PS4, centered around the young hunter Aloy.

Horizon Zero Dawn PS5 Remaster will adopt the sequel Horizon Forbidden West which was released earlier this year with several quality improvements.

Upcoming improvements include lighting, textures, and animations. The report also states, game multiplayer Horizon in the works for PC.

The telephone quote from Gadgets360Monday (3/10/2022), there are claims that the PS5 version of Horizon Zero Dawn will add accessibility features and quality improvements.


Different graphics modes will be included, much like most PS5 entries. Game will also take advantage of variable speed refresh VRR or variable refresh rate.

However, don’t expect much on the part gameplay. Reason, the addition of underwater exploration and glider from Horizon Forbidden West will hinder.

If Horizon Zero Dawn on PS4 received a performance patch that would allow it to run at a stable 60fps, it won’t be the case with the 4K update on PS5.

This is not the first time the RPG has received a re-release because porting to PC in 2020 with improved draw distance and widescreen support.

The Horizon Zero Dawn remaster will bring it closer to the Forbidden West with new character models and improved textures, as well as new animations. Similar to the “remake” of The Last of Us Part 1, this might be a tough sell for those who already own the original PS4 version.

As previously stated, the game is only five years old, so it’s going to be really hard to get PS5 players to shell out big bucks for a new launch on PS5.

Even Marvel’s Spider-Man, which received a PS5 remaster, just two years after its first launch on PS4, doesn’t guarantee better sales. This version features a younger character model for Peter Parker, voiced by Yuri Lowenthal, in connection with the upcoming games in the franchise.

Currently, the distribution model of the game is unknown. It could be. game it will follow the distribution of The Last of Us Part I at an affordable price.

Sony has not revealed the month and year of release for Horizon Zero Remaster with various improvements for PlayStation 5 and PC users.

For your information, Horizon Zero Dawn is game role-playing action in 2017 by Guerrilla Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

The plot follows Aloy, a young hunter in a world ruled by machines. He is on an adventure to uncover the past. Gamer invited to travel.

The game was first present for the PlayStation 4 console and PC or desktop based on Microsoft Windows. Forward, game coming to the PS5 console.

Furthermore, the report also notes that an online multiplayer game Horizon is in the works, both for PS5 and PC. The detailed information is still not widely available.

But VGC claims that fashion co-op was originally planned for game these, but were canceled so the developer could focus on other areas of game the.


Some leaked concept art from 2014 shows players battling massive mechanical monsters simultaneously. Customization will reportedly be based on established figures.

Currently, there is no set release date or official statement from developer Guerrilla Games. But the now-deleted tweet from actor Lance Reddick, seems credible. Star John Wick reprises the character Sylens in both Horizon games. [SN/HBS]

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