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Samsung Working on a Sophisticated Fingerprint Scanner, 2.5 Billion Times More Secure!


Samsung is reportedly developing a fingerprint scanner technology or fingerprint which is 2.5 billion times more secure than existing technology.

According to a report from SamMobile, Samsung is working on ways to make using the fingerprint scanner more secure.

This rumor comes from an interview with ISORG CEO Dieter May, who is the head of a French company that focuses on working on fingerprint sensor technology on smartphones.

According to Dieter May, Samsung is working on a sensing feature All-in-One which is part of the OLED panel technology 2.0. Through the fingerprint sensor All-in-One in the OLED 2.0 panel allows the Samsung screen to identify 3 fingerprints simultaneously to verify the user’s identity.


With this smartphone security technology, the fingerprint scanner on a Samsung cellphone will be 2.5 billion times more secure than using a single fingerprint scanner.

In addition, the OLED panel 2.0 features a fingerprint sensor All-in-One, will be released in 2025. Quoted The telephone from GSM Arena on Saturday (03/12/2022), Dieter predicted that Samsung would be the first mobile phone to apply this fingerprint sensor technology, because its competitor Apple was not heading there yet.

The Cupertino giant has just brought dual fingerprint scanner technology and facial recognition. Samsung has not provided clarification regarding these rumors, so it is still a puzzle until now.

However, even though a scanner using a single fingerprint is considered safe enough by smartphone users, the technology developed by Samsung could be a smartphone security solution in the future.


Especially as cybercrime increases, so it is necessary to increase security for users such as 3 fingerprint scanner sensors simultaneously.

In addition, maybe in the future the latest security technology from Samsung can become a new standard for security on smartphones so that data on cellphones can be safer. [NM/IF]

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