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GoTo Is Making Layoffs Again, 600 Employees Will Be Homeless


PT Gojek Tokopedia Tbk or the GoTo Group has again implemented an employee layoff policy. This time there were 600 employees who became victims of this policy.

Recently, GoTo announced a strategy update to build a company that is sustainable, profitable, and can continue to have a long-term positive impact on millions of people.

One of them is consolidating a number of businesses and teams in an ecosystem, to present a leaner organization that is better equipped to respond to market demands.

GoTo is also reviewing priorities, and will scale back or delay business activities and initiatives that are not core services. An example would be reducing some parts of Mitra Tokopedia’s services, so that the company’s resources can be focused on activities that will drive greater impact.


Unfortunately, GoTo’s strategy has had an impact on employees. Based on an official statement received on Sunday (12/03/2023), the unicorn company has again laid off employees, this time around 600 employees were victims.

‚ÄúThese adjustment steps will unfortunately affect around 600 positions within the GoTo ecosystem. Affected employees will receive support from the company during the transition period,” said GoTo Group Corporate Secretary, Koesoemohadiani.

To employees affected by layoffs, GoTo promises to provide more compensation than required by applicable laws and regulations including financial support, career and welfare.

This adjustment step will not affect the services provided by GoTo to consumers, driver-partners and merchants.

“Each employee has played an important role in GoTo’s journey, and we really appreciate their contribution in building the business and jointly supporting GoTo to achieve the company’s mission,” explained Koesoemohadiani.

Previously, in November 2022, GoTo was also forced to reduce 1,300 employees or around 12% of the company’s total permanent employees.


At that time thousands of GoTo employees affected by layoffs will receive notification today, and GoTo is trying to provide comprehensive support during this transition period.

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