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Black Shark Patents VR Device With Lip-Reading Ability


Black Shark is said to be working on a new product aimed at people with disabilities. This VR (virtual reality) based product will have lip reading capabilities.

The company recently patented a VR-based product that was created to help people with hearing loss. A patent from a Chinese gaming smartphone maker was recently discovered by ITHome.

Looking at the official patent description, it is known the company is working on a new type of VR glasses device capable of powering itself and having a screen.


Furthermore, the upcoming VR device seems to have a very interesting feature. These VR glasses will have a special module with lip-reading capabilities. In other words, it will be able to recognize lip movements and transmit relevant information to the wearer of the VR device.

Lip Reader Tech VR

The data received may be transcribed in audio form or may be displayed on the screen of the VR device.

Previously, it was reported that Tencent had acquired Black Shark. This step is said to have been done in an effort to smooth out the company’s plans to enter the Metaverse.

To note, Black Shark itself as a brand has been around for a long time in the gaming industry and is reported to be developing VR hardware for the metaverse. Meanwhile, Tencent will be responsible for the software content of the new VR product.


But keep in mind, that this is still only a patent. This means that it is not yet known whether the company actually works on the product or just covers all similar products.

If that’s true, then the company is clearly focused on increasing accessibility to more consumers across markets. [FY]

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