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NVIDIA and AMD GPUs Can Improve Video Quality on the Edge


 Recent reports now reveal that NVIDIA and AMD GPUs can improve poor web video quality in the Microsoft Edge browser.

Previously, NVIDIA GPU users could use their graphics cards to improve video quality in Chrome and Edge. Now, this feature is further expanded with AMD graphics cards that can be utilized in Edge.

Reported The telephone from Engadget, Microsoft is testing Video Super Resolution in the Edge Canary browser to improve video quality and remove image blur in web videos with resolutions below 720p with GPUs from AMD and NVIDIA.


To take advantage of this feature, at least the user must have NVIDIA GeForce RTX 20 series or AMD Radeon RX5700, but this feature cannot help if the user wants to watch old YouTube videos or wants to save on cellular data package quota.

Also, there are some conditions to start with, namely this feature is only available for Windows users. Users must connect it if using a laptop and video.

Users should also force the Edge browser to use the dedicated GPU if their laptop doesn’t have hybrid graphics settings. Automatic hybrid video support is being developed by Microsoft.

This technology to improve video quality relies on GPU agnostic algorithms. Microsoft had to add DirectX 12 to the Google Chromium engine, which usually uses DirectX 11.


This allows machine learning frameworks to interact with browsers, and helps keep the computational load of computers light.

Currently, Video Super Resolution is only available to a handful of Edge Canary users, but Microsoft says it will be available to more users in the coming weeks.

Microsoft also plans to increase the list of GPUs that support this feature to become even bigger. [FY/HBS]

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