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Nokia Shows Off 6G Sensing Technology, Sophisticated!


At the Mobile World Congress or MWC 2023 event which took place in Barcelona Nokia, Nokia demonstrated its latest technological innovation, namely 6G sensing technology.

Nokia, which recently changed its corporate logo, is demonstrating how the sensing technology will be used in the latest 6G cellular networks. This technology promises to revolutionize the way humans interact with the digital world.

quoted The telephone from GizmoChina, Nokia demonstrates the potential of 6G networks to be able to feel the human body. This technology utilizes radio waves, the sixth generation cellular antenna which will be able to detect people, objects, and even animals.


In the first demonstration, Nokia presented a digital piano instrument that uses 6G sensing to identify a person’s location and adjusts the sound accordingly. In the demo, it can be seen that women can be located without using any camera or lens.

The next demonstration looks at how 6G sensing technology can be utilized to keep pedestrians safe by attaching them to vehicles.

Vehicles equipped with 6G sensing technology are able to detect if a pedestrian is in close proximity and the vehicle will not be allowed to drive until the pedestrian is out of reach.

The two demonstrations demonstrate the application of 6G sensing technology to everyday life in the future and likely to exist in the telecommunications industry.


The 6G sensing technology present in the demo runs at 27 Ghz. However, considering the current frequency level, the frequency is still very high.

Apart from that, Nokia also brought 6G technology to the moon by installing the first mobile phone network on the surface of the moon. This network will enable communication and data transfer in remote and technically difficult places on Earth, such as in mines, in oil rigs, to fields. [FY/HBS]

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