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RAM Expansion Features On Entry Level Smartphones, Here Are The Advantages


Random Access Memory or commonly called RAM functions so that the smartphone can accommodate many applications running in the background, so that the process of moving between one application and another can run more smoothly.

As technology develops, there is now a RAM expansion feature that can be embedded in smartphone, because the function of smartphones now is not only for work.

Yup, modern smartphones are now not only for calling and supporting work activities, but are used for entertainment, such as playing games and also accessing movie streaming content.

Because smartphone functions are increasingly multitasking, the types of applications that are embedded on a smartphone are also increasing. To be able to run all these applications simultaneously, the device requires a large capacity of RAM.

To fulfill this need, there is now the latest technology that has begun to be used in various smartphones, namely the RAM expansion feature that utilizes a number of unused memory on the device from internal storage.

Usually the RAM expansion feature is only available on smartphones in the flagship class. All mobile phone manufacturers have now implemented RAM expansion technology on their flagship devices.

Well, for those who don’t know, Telset will explain some of the advantages or advantages of the RAM expansion feature on the internet smartphone entry-level.


1. Multitasking is getting smoother

Xiaomi Redmi A1 RAM Expansion Features

Smartphones are now required to be versatile devices ranging from communicating to watching movies. There are even conditions that sometimes allow the device to run several applications at the same time, for example scrolling Instagram while listening to music or podcasts.

To access multiple applications at the same time, the device requires a large RAM capacity. Because if the RAM capacity is not sufficient, sometimes the application will automatically stop forcibly. To overcome this, the RAM expansion feature can help keep applications running at the same time.

2. Efficiency and Effectiveness

When the user has a smartphone that can multitasking smoothly, productivity while at work will increase. With the RAM expansion feature, users can also switch applications instantly so that each task can be completed quickly without the need to spend a lot of time.

Therefore, RAM capacity is unlikely to be full to avoid things like reopening apps from scratch. So you can do your job smoothly and comfortably.

3. More Efficient Battery

The chipset will work hard when opening the application for the first time until the application can be used because smartphone have limited RAM. The smaller the RAM means the harder the chipset works.

To lighten the load on the chipset which will result in waste of battery smartphone. This feature provides a role so that the chipset performs lighter performance and can open applications faster.

Xiaomi Redmi A1 RAM Expansion Features

4. Virtual RAM Reduces Production Costs

RAM is one component hardware which is implanted on smartphone. The larger the amount of RAM tends to have a relatively expensive price. This RAM expansion feature can help increase RAM capacity without having to embed components with a larger size.

The use of RAM with internal storage can reduce production costs. So that smartphones at affordable prices can have a wider RAM capacity and have good performance.


One of the vendors that embed the RAM expansion feature is Xiaomi. Interestingly, Xiaomi is now not only presenting this feature on their flagship smartphone, but also presenting it on mobile phones entry levelher.

Naturally, because the majority of users in Indonesia are still in the mid-low class with a price range of 1 million HP and 2 million HP. One of the mobile phone series entry level Xiaomi which is equipped with a RAM expansion feature is the Xiaomi Redmi A1 which was just released on October 28, 2022.

Redmi A1 features RAM expansion with an OTA (Over The Air) software update planned for late October 2022. Because it uses RAM expansion, users don’t need to worry because the device has a microSD slot that can be expanded up to 512GB.

Well, that’s some of the advantages that will be provided by the RAM expansion feature. Later this feature will also be available on the latest device from Xiaomi, namely the Redmi A1. [FY/HBS]

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