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Youtap BOS, Services for Business Owners with Various Solutions


Youtap Indonesia continues to encourage the development of Indonesian businesses by widening its reach to many tier 2 and tier 3 cities. One of the efforts to develop their business is by releasing Youtap BOS, a special service for bosses or business owners with various solutions.

Youtap Indonesia CEO Herman Suharto said that unlocking potential in tier 2 and 3 cities in Indonesia has different challenges in adopting digital behavior, compared to big cities.

“Since the beginning we have continued to reach various layers of MSMEs through the presence of a field team who continue to educate traders in big and small cities while continuing to develop the largest and most comprehensive digital ecosystem for business people,” said Herman.

Youtap’s efforts in building second-tier cities are bearing fruit. Currently, more than 500 thousand business actors have joined the Youtap ecosystem spread across 510 cities.

Through an online press conference on Wednesday (08/03/2023), Herman claims that there is growth in terms of transactions or double growth transactions in tier 2 and tier 3 cities.

Youtap BOS
Youtap Indonesia CEO Herman Suharto explained about Youtap BOS.

“In fact, Youtap transactions in Sulawesi have grown threefold. With positive growth in various lines, Youtap is showing profitability in its business through the various advantages we have,” explained Herman.

In order to continue to encourage business growth for MSME businesses in the region, Youtap has also introduced a new service. To coincide with the 3 year anniversary of YouTap Indonesia, a service called Youtap BOS was launched.

It is said that Youtap BOS combines 3 main services owned by Youtap, namely cashless payment solutions, POS solutions or online cashier applications and loyalty, and supply chain solutions or stock shopping.

“In accordance with our vision of wanting to be present for every business to help and empower them to achieve their best, in this third year we are presenting special services for business owners,” said Herman.


Various Solutions on Youtap BOS

BOS application

Youtap BOS was created to help business managers or MSME actors, in making decisions and running a business so that it can be even more advanced. The advantage of Youtap BOS is that it offers 100 solutions that can be accessed by MSME players.

For example, solutions to find out profit and loss sales, product analysis, find out the status of the latest transactions, accept all types of payments, both cash and non-cash, shop for stock, to offer the most complete business packages.

The advantage of Youtap BOS is the Youtap ADS solution. Here, business owners can get support branding due to the provision of visual content services to advertising on social media. This is of course very suitable for use by decision makers, namely business owners.


“BOS business owners can also connect with Youtap’s many strategic partners such as banks, financial service providers and suppliers of stocks of merchandise and raw materials for businesses,” he continued.

To access Youtap BOS, businesses can access to then log into their Youtap account or register as a new user if they don’t have an account yet. [NM/HBS]

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