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No need to be confused! Try 3 Easy Ways to Download Files from Google Drive


Google Drive is a service from Google that allows users to store files on their servers, synchronize files between devices and share them. Google Drive also provides an application offline for PCs and smartphone for easy access or file synchronization.

In Google Drive you can create files in Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides that you can edit on the web or applications, as well as the ability to edit with colleagues in the same file.

History of Google Drive

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Under the auspices of Google which is a large technology company working in areas related to the internet and products such as cloud computing such as Google Drive. Google Drive was launched for the first time on April 24 2012. It was recorded that in July 2018 Google Drive had more than 1 billion users worldwide.

Google Drive provides 15 GB of free storage capacity for each user. Apart from that, Google Drive also offers subscription packages through Google One with prices ranging from IDR 26,000 to IDR 135,000 per month (only for 100 GB to 2 TB packages).

In May 2017 there were 3 trillion files stored on Google services. Cloud computing services such as Google Drive have become an option that makes it easier for us to access files anywhere and anytime without having to have device limitations.

Cara Download File Google Drive Lewat Desktop PC

As mentioned before that you can access Google Drive on your PC or smartphone. In this section Caris Signal will show you how to download Google Drive files via PC.

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  • First go to link file Google Drive that you want to download. If the file you are looking for is a folder, the link will start with Meanwhile, the prefix for files that can be edited in Google Drive is, and sequentially. If the file is in a form other than a document link will have such a start
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  • After the page opens, please right click on the file you want to download. Click the down arrow button at the top right to download the file you want.
  • If you want to download all files, please download only one folder directly. In the download folder, please right click then look for button download with down arrow icon. Wait until the download process is complete.
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  • If you want to download multiple files from within the folder, please press CTRL while selecting the file you want to download. If so, right click on the file that was selected earlier, then press the button download. Google Drive will download the file you selected as a ZIP file.

How to Download Google Drive Files Via Smartphone Without Application

No need to worry if you can’t access Google Drive files via PC because you can still access files via smartphone You. In this section, Caris Signal will share how to download Google Drive files via Google Drive smartphone no application.

If you don’t have the Google Drive app on your smartphone, the Google Drive file link will take you there browser smartphone You. Here’s how to download files from Google Drive via browser.

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  • To download files, click on the file you want to download. After appearing preview file click down arrow which is on the top right.
how to download google drive on cellphone 3_1_
  • But if you want to download all the files in the folder you can move it’s desktop mode. Click settings on browser you, usually buttons setting in the form of three dots in a downward sequence or list with four lines (the location can be at the top right or bottom right of the screen), then click the option desktop site to change modes browser be a desktop.
how to download google drive on cellphone 4_1_

Please exit folder contains the file you want to download. Then, select the folder by pressing it long enough. Then right click and select “Download”. Google Drive will download the folder in ZIP format like when you download it on your PC/laptop.

How to Download Google Drive Files Through the Smartphone Application

Of course it’s easier if you have the Google Drive app in smartphone. You can download Google Drive by App Store or Google PlayStore. How to download it is very easy and not much different from the two methods that have been discussed. Here are the steps.

download google drive in app 1_
  • Sign in to Google Drive by using your Google account. The Google Drive app will be instantly available on smartphone Android OS based. So, you don’t need to download it again.
  • If you want to download a single file, click the file you want to download. Then after preview files appear click “More” (shape three dots in a vertical sequence), then select “Download”. Then the file will be downloaded inside smartphone You.
how to download google drive in application 2_
  • If you want to download multiple files at once you can tap then hold file until a tick appears, then select any file which you are about to download. After that click the button “More” then select “Download”.

Different from desktop mode and browser, this Google Drive application unfortunately does not allow users to download a single folder. Even so, you can still download the entire contents of the folder using the last method discussed above.

Those are some ways you can use to download Google Drive files both via PC/laptop, as well as cellphones with or without the Google Drive application. Good luck!

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