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Know These 2 Ways to Reduce Photo Size to 200 KB!


In this modern era, everything is done online online, including in terms of managing and sending important documents. Send file Documents via the internet are considered faster and more practical than sending via the post office or other delivery services.

Just like when you want to apply for a job, now you can do it for free online. No need to bother sending cover letters and other important documents. You can send files and photos of KTP or photos of other documents more quickly and easily.

However, some companies or internet sites often provide conditions forupload photos with a certain size such as 200 Kb. Small photo size will make file those sent are lighter, so they can be easily sent and opened.

So, how do you reduce the size of a photo to 200 Kb without reducing the quality of the photo? Check out the discussion below.

How to reduce photo size through the site Online

In the virtual world itself, there are already many sites and applications that provide features and services to enlarge or reduce the size of documents up to file Photo.

Sites online is quite in demand to use because it saves more time than you have toedit photos manually. Moreover, how to reduce photo size to 200 Kb on sites online it is indeed very fast.

However, sometimes the quality of photos that are scaled down is noticeably reduced. Therefore, you must be smart in choosing a site or application edit Photo. Here the Caris Signal team explains how to reduce the size of a photo to 200 Kb.

How to reduce the size of this one photo is the easiest way because it can be done via browser HP to laptops. You simply open the site below.


This is a free site that you can use to reduce the size of your photos for free online without having to install anything.

This site is quite popular among blogger because it’s quite easy to use. In addition, this site can also be opened easily on browser PC as well browser smartphone. Here’s how to use the site:

  • Go to site tinyjpg past browser.
  • You can immediately click in the area “Drop your .png or .jpg file here!”. Drag and drop desired photo to that area. The photo will be uploaded automatically.
  • Interestingly, you can meng-upload 20 photos at a time with Each photo is a maximum of 5MB in size.
reduce photo size tinyjpg 1_
  • After the photouploadthen automatic The photo will enter the compress process. Wait until the process is complete.
  • Download 200 KB of photos you want with the push of a button “Download All”.
tinyjpg 2_

When finished, the photo will immediately resize. You can immediately use it for various purposes.


As the name implies, with this site you can resize photos according to your wishes and needs. So, how to reduce the size of a photo to 200 KB using this site is as follows:

  • Go to site past browser Your cellphone or laptop.
  • Upload the photo you want edit by clicking “Drag and Drop a file here”.
minify a photo with picresize_
  • After the photo is uploaded, click it “Continue to edit picture” in the right corner.
minify photo with picresize 2_
  • After the photo upload process is complete, you canedit photo like doing cropping or rotate.
  • You can also change the resolution of the photo according to your needs. For example, the Caris Signal team made it 50 percent smaller. We chose the “50% smaller” option. There are still other options you can choose from. Please adjust to each other’s wishes.
shrink photo with picresize-1_
  • To resize a photo to 200 Kb, please type “200” in the existing column, as in the image below. You can also change the quality and type of file extension according to your needs.
  • If everything is filled, you click the button “I am done, resize my picture!”.
shrink photo with picresize 3-1_
  • Click to save the results of the photo “Save to disk”.
reduce photo with picresize-1_


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