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New Apple Watch 2022 Pro Model Announced September 7, 2022


The latest Apple Watch 2022 Pro model will reportedly be announced along with the release of the iPhone 14 lineup on September 7, 2022.

The latest Apple Watch 2022 Pro model, according to several industry analysts, will have a premium label with a different design and a much larger screen size.

As you may already know, Apple will be announcing its new line of iPhone generations during a special event on September 7, 2022.

In addition to the iPhone 14 series, some industry analysts believe that Apple’s latest smartwatch will also be clearly revealed at the event.


According to supply chain analysts, as quoted The telephone from GSM ArenaSunday (28/8/2022), Apple’s new watch that will be announced is called the Apple Watch Pro.

The Apple Watch Pro will have a flat screen design with very subtle curvature towards the edges. The Watch Pro will align with current iPhone design trends.

Casing The Apple Watch Pro will measure 47 millimeters, housing a 1.99-inch display, well above the 1.77-inch display currently on the Watch Series 7.

It was previously reported that Apple will release three new watches this year, namely the Apple Watch 8, the new version of the Apple Watch SE, and the Apple Watch Pro.

For the Pro model, there are features in the body that are more sturdy because it is made of titanium. Analyst BloombergMark Gurman, reinforces it.

Gurman said the Apple Watch Pro will be Apple’s smartwatch with a completely new design since its first launch in 2018.

The watch is sturdy. The screen is claimed to be more shatter-resistant than the previous series. Then the body, will be made of lightweight titanium which is durable and strong.

Gurman said the Watch Pro will have a body temperature sensor. Apple is also adding a blood pressure sensor for future smartwatch models.


Information says, Apple watches with blood pressure sensors are likely to be present in 2025, while those with glucose monitors will be released towards the end of this decade.

A tough Apple Pro model watch will likely cost from USD 900 or around Rp. 13.5 million and be the end of the premium edition of the Apple Watch series. [SN/HBS]

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