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IT Releases 20 Sophisticated Smart Home Products, Prices Start at IDR 100 Thousand


Immersive Tech (IT) released 20 products smart home sophisticated to Indonesian users. The products are very diverse with quite affordable prices starting from Rp. 100 thousand.

IT Project Director, Andre Tanudjaja explained that IT continues to be committed to providing IoT products that are relevant to the needs of the community.

Therefore, after launching 10 smartphone products in 2021, this year IT introduced more products up to 20 products.

“This is our commitment to present IoT products that are relevant to the latest technology, to improve the quality of life for urban communities,” said Andre at the launch event on Wednesday (31/8/2022).

Furthermore, the products launched can also be integrated with Apple Siri and Google Assistant. That way, users can more easily use IT products for daily activities.

Interoperability cross brand and cross device will also increase public interest. IT products can now be controlled via virtual assistants such as Siri and Google Assistant,” continued Andre.


List of 20 Smart Home IT Products

IT Smart Home

In total there were 20 products launched by IT at yesterday’s event. According to IT Product Manager, Verina Winata, all of these products are able to make the home safer and more comfortable. For example, the IT Smart WiFi Doorlock X3 product.

This product is a sophisticated and secure digital door lock device, because to access it requires the homeowner’s fingerprint or password.

“The Doorlock X3 offers 8 variations of how to open the door. You can use fingerprints, you can use passwords, you can use ID cards and you can also use certain types of smartwatches,” explained Verina.

The next smart home device is the IT Smart Wireless Doorbell WD01, which is not just a doorbell. This smart doorbell is supported by a camera and speaker, so users can see how to communicate with guests.

“So we can see who’s coming. There’s no need to worry because during communication they can’t see us,” said Verina.

Not just a smart home to support user security. There is also the IT Smart Robot Vacum Cleaner GS01 which has a thin design and turbo suction. Not only that, there is also a dust and water tank with a larger capacity than similar products.

“This means that all dirt, dust, hair and animal hair can be cleaned,” Verina claims.

Regarding the price, 20 IT Smart Home products are sold with prices starting from IDR 100 thousand. The following is a list of IT products and their complete prices.

  • IT Smart Outdoor Camera W01 : Rp 1.499.000
  • IT Smart Floodlight Camera FW01: Rp 1.599.000
  • IT Smart Floodlight Camera FC11: Rp 1.499.000
  • IT Smart Wifi Doorlock X3: Rp 1.699.000
  • IT Smart Wireless Doorbell WD01: Rp 1.499.000
  • IT Smart Wifi Door Window  Sensor S02: Rp 179.000
  • IT Smart Alarm Gas Detector: Rp 499.000
  • IT Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner GS01: Rp 2.799.000
  • IT Smart Curtain MT750: Rp 1.499.000
  • IT Smart Curtain Rail Extension 2m: Rp 699.000
  • IT Smart Power Socket Extension PS01: Rp 399.000
  • IT Smart Power Socket Dual Plug  PS02: Rp 299.000
  • IT Smart Power Socket Single Plug PS03: Rp 179.000
  • IT Smart Air Purifier S280: Rp 1.599.000
  • IT Smart Air Purifier S280 Filter: Rp 399.000
  • IT Smart Air Purifier P400 White: Rp 3.299.000
  • IT Smart Air Purifier P400 Grey: Rp 3.299.000
  • IT Smart Air Purifier P400 Filter: Rp 499.000
  • IT Smart WiFi Universal IR Remote S06: Rp 129.000
  • IT Smart RGB Universal IR  Remote M01: Rp 169.000.

Most of the products launched have been available since August 29, 2022 on channels such as Urban Republic, Erafone, iBox, Samsung by NASA, e-commerce page, IT Official Store on Tokopedia as well as Shopee and Urban Republic Official Store on Tokopedia.


Meanwhile, IT Smart Power Socket Single Plug PS03, IT Smart Power Socket Extension PS01, IT Smart Air Purifier P400 in white and gray, as well as filters, can only be obtained by preorder on online channels. [NM/HBS]

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