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iPhone 14 Rear Glass Body Cracked? Calm down, it’s easy to fix


The standard iPhone 14 back body uses glass material, the same as its predecessor. Many are worried if the glass body is cracked or broken. Don’t worry, it’s not difficult to repair the crack in the rear glass kok.

Although similar to the iPhone 13, this time the rear body of the standard iPhone 14 has been redesigned to make it easier to repair if there are cracks in the back glass.

As is known, Apple has returned to using glass for the rear body of the iPhone since 2017. But previously many users complained that the installation method was complicated, making it difficult to replace.

The problems don’t stop there, though, as Apple charges up to $599 to repair the back glass on some models. Although customers can get cheaper repair costs with AppleCare+, customers still complain about the problem.

However, Apple seems to be hearing its customers’ complaints, as repair company iFixit revealed in a recent post. The glass back of the iPhone 14 is now easier to open for repair if there is damage. iFixit thinks Apple has made major changes to the iPhone 14 model.



Previous generation iPhones had glass backs that were glued to the phone’s frame and embedded under other components, meaning the device had to be completely disassembled to repair it.

On iPhone 14, the glass back is held in place with just two screws and one connector, making it easy to remove. Apple didn’t say anything about the glass back body redesign when it announced the iPhone 14 earlier this month.


iFixit Chief Executive Kyle Wiens said that given the cost of previous repairs which were quite expensive, making everyone use iPhones with tape on the back.

“This rear body glass design change gives people the opportunity to improve it. It also creates an opportunity for HP service shops to fix it,” Kyle Wiens told Reuters.

Unfortunately that change is only given to the standard version, as the more expensive iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max still have the old design of glass embedded under other components, which makes them difficult to replace.


Apple’s phones have long been the target of critics of the phone repair industry who argue that Apple devices are so difficult to repair, that consumers are more likely to throw them away and buy new devices.

This makes Apple get a lot of criticism, because it only thinks about getting big profits from the sale of its new device. Apple is considered not to care about its consumers, and does not think about the impact of environmental damage caused by electronic waste.

Luckily, the giant from Cupertino has begun to be moved to care more. Apple has slowly begun to embrace the repair industry in recent years as part of its efforts to protect the environment caused by e-waste.

In 2019, Apple began selling tools, parts, and manuals to independent repair shops. Last year, Apple began selling parts to the general public. [SN/HBS]

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