Google Releases the second Developer Preview of Android 14


After last month the first developer preview of Android 14 was released by Google, now the second developer preview of this latest operating system has been released.

This second preview release of Android 14 brings several additional improvements, such as privacy, security, performance, and this version enhances the operating system for the user experience on tablet and foldable phone devices.

Reported The telephone from GSMArena, following this developer preview release schedule, a Beta version will be released in April, followed by three more releases in the following months, based on Google’s official Android 14 release schedule.


This second Android 14 developer preview has built-in support for making devices allow apps to access only certain photos and videos, access to all photos and videos, or grant no access permission at all.

In Android 14, the credential manager is a platform API, and it enables logging into an app using the device’s passkey.

Additionally, this second preview version saw improvements to the UI styling of the account selecting option, along with changes to the API made based on feedback in the first preview version.

Some apps targeting Android 14 are able to grant privileges so that apps can start activities in the background. This second preview also comes with an optimization of Android’s memory management system, which improves resource usage when the app is running in the background.

It will also create fewer notifications that can’t be dismissed in Android 14, and there’s also an improved API for the app store.

In addition, this version has regional preferences, which allows devices running Android 14 to personalize temperature units, first day of the week, and numbering system based on the user’s region.


The second Android 14 developer preview is only recommended for app developers to use to test apps to run smoothly.

However, when the first Beta version is released consumers will get easier access. This second developer preview is available on Pixel 4A 5G and other Google devices. [FY/HBS]

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