General Motors & Microsoft Prepare a Virtual Assistant Similar to ChatGPT


General Motors is expanding its partnership with tech giant Microsoft to create virtual assistants like ChatGPT for drivers.

According to reports BusinessInsider on Sunday (12/3/2023), General Motors wanted to leverage Microsoft’s investment in OpenAI, creator of the popular chatbot ChatGPT, to help develop the assistant.

The AI ​​chatbot that has been used for essays, composing emails and more since its release last November has been baked into the new version of Microsoft Bing. This has indirectly helped the search engine regain its position on Google and reach 100 million daily active users this week alone.

Microsoft has partnered with the Michigan-based maker of Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac since 2021, after the automaker sought help to improve technology. self-driving hers.


Now, through a follow-up partnership, General Motors hopes to incorporate the technology that enables ChatGPT to become an in-car assistant that can respond to verbal commands.

Examples include assistants that can display a “how to change a flat tire” video or be able to diagnose a problem with a check engine light by indicating whether it needs immediate attention or can wait.

According to Scott Miller, GM vice president of software defined vehicle and operating systems, the ChatGPT-based assistant can read information normally found in an owner’s manual, or be programmed to use functions such as garage door codes.


Miller confirmed that GM is working on an AI assistant, and said it could go beyond the simple voice commands GM has used in cars in the past.

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