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DANA Holds SisEmpowerment, Encouraging Independent Women to Entrepreneurs


DANA invites women throughout Indonesia to develop their own entrepreneurs or MSMEs by holding the SisBerdaya program.

The SisBerdaya program is inseparable from the potential of women in economic development in Indonesia. DANA Indonesia’s Chief People & Corporate Strategy, Agustina Samara said that Indonesian women contributed 61% to the national economy.

Then based on data from the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs, around 53.76% of MSMEs in Indonesia are managed by women.

“Women dominate Indonesian micro-entrepreneurs. 53.76% of the MSME sector is filled by women with 97% of its employees being women,” said Agustina.


Based on that, DANA finally collaborated with Ant Group and UN Women, launching a training and competition program aimed at women entrepreneurs called SisBerdaya.

“SisBerdaya has a mission to empower Indonesian women, by providing skills, business and digital knowledge so that women can continue to innovate,” said Agustina.

In a press conference in Jakarta on Tuesday (14/03/2023), it was also explained that DANA SisBerdaya wanted to advance women’s businesses and have equal access, in the form of a series of training and business assistance.

“They will receive training on business management and strategy, digital payments and marketing, global sales and much more,” continued Agustina.

In line with that, Global Affairs & Sustainability Strategies Ant Group, Carrie Suen explained that this program targets all female MSMEs in Indonesia who are in the ultra micro or MSME category with a monthly income of IDR 1 million to IDR 10 million.

Then micro MSMEs or those who earn a monthly income of IDR 11 million to IDR 30 million. It is planned that there will be outreach about SisBerdaya in several areas such as Jabodetabek, Pekanbaru and Makassar.

“We believe this segment is the most in need, so it is very important to make this initiative truly inclusive,” he said.


Registration for the DANA SisBerdaya program is open from today, 14 March 2023 to Rp. 17 April 2023, via the DANA digital wallet application. In addition to the training, there will be a competition that must be passed by the participants with a total prize of IDR 200 million.

“Through mentoring, sharing knowledge and struggles with each other, we become stronger together,” concluded Carrie Suen. [NM/HBS]

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