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5 Ways to Charge the Power Bank Correctly So It Doesn’t Damage Quickly


Power bank is an electronic object that is experiencing rapid growth along with the development of the use of gadgets, especially smartphones. A power bank is really needed when smartphone users, including you, can’t find a power outlet. For example, when you are traveling and the HP battery runs out, the power bank will be your savior.

Due to the increasing need, there are quite a lot of power banks on the market with various brands, various capacities and various price variants. In fact, there are fake power banks on the market. You have to be careful about this and you have to be able to distinguish between genuine and fake power banks.

Unfortunately, the development of power banks is not accompanied by basic knowledge of how to charge power banks. There are still people who don’t understand the process of charging a power bank.

Many think that what matters is plugging in and full power bank capacity, but it’s not that simple. Incorrectly using and charging the power bank can result in the power bank being damaged quickly, it can even affect smartphone batteries which are often charged by the power bank.

Based on that, Caris Signal will provide an explanation of how to charge the power bank correctly with additional explanations related to the process of charging the power bank. Want to know how? Check out the following reviews.

1. Charge Using a Contact Outlet

charger power bank stop kontak

To charge the power bank, we can connect it to various power sources. However, for maximum results, it is highly recommended to use electricity from a wall socket. This is so that the power bank can be charged faster and better.

But if you’re traveling and can’t find a power outlet, you can charge the power bank using a laptop or notebook whose battery is still full. This method is an emergency method when you need power on your power bank.

Of course if the laptop power runs out then you won’t be able to charge the power bank again. In addition, charging via a laptop will also take longer. So, do this method only when it’s really an emergency.

2. Use Original Charger and Cable


If we charge the power bank from a wall socket, we automatically have to use the charger head. So, in order to charge properly, make sure to always use an original charger and not a KW or fake charger.

Using a charger that is not original is very dangerous because the electricity that is distributed is sometimes unstable. In addition, KW chargers usually can’t charge as fast and as well as the original charger.

Apart from the charger head, we also have to use a good and original cable. Even though it’s trivial, cables that are not original are sometimes a problem because they can peel and burn. So try to always use the original cable or the cable that came with the power bank.

3. Charge When Capacity Is Below 25%


Power banks generally have an indicator of their battery capacity. Some are in the form of a number and some are in the form of four lights. For those in the form of numbers it is very easy to read the capacity, because the smaller the number, the smaller the capacity.

As for those that use 4 lights, if all the indicator lights are on, it means your power bank is full. If the indicator light remains one or does not light up, it means that the power bank should be charged immediately.

So we should fill the power bank at the right time. For example, we can charge it when the power bank is below 25% or when the indicator light only lights up one. If the light is 3 or 4, you shouldn’t need to charge it.

Why? Because unnecessary charging will reduce the life of the power bank. For that, charge the power bank when the indicator light only stays on 1 light alias is below 25%.

But keep in mind, don’t wait to charge the power bank until all the lights are off or when the capacity is 0%. The reason is, a power bank that is left on until it runs out can damage the battery components and even in certain cases it can’t turn on anymore.

4. Don’t Charge Power Bank Overnight


Before checking the power bank, you should read the manual for the power bank product you are buying. See how long it takes to fully charge the power bank. This is important, because you cannot leave the power bank still connected to the plug even though the status is full.

Not all power banks work like today’s smartphones where when they are fully charged when charging, they will cut off the electricity automatically. A power bank that is connected to electricity for too long, even though the power is full, will result in the power bank’s ability to run faster drop.

Besides that, charging the power bank when it’s full can also make it bloated. Why can it be bloated? Because it happened electrolyte decomposition namely the condition in which a chemical reaction occurs in the power bank resulting in chemical gas in it.

Well, this gas is what makes the power bank bloated or bigger than it should be. If the power bank is bloated, don’t use it anymore because the swelling can get bigger and over time it can explode or catch fire.

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