12 Best Android Adventure Games, the Most Exciting 2022, Free!


For you guys gamers, of course already familiar with various types of games. One of the most popular genres is adventure games. Well, Telset will provide a list recommendation game best adventure playable online online nor offline.

Adventure games are popular because they invite excitement for players, who are invited to adventure to new places that are still unfamiliar with various obstacles.

But remember, playing adventure games can make you addicted, to the point where you can lose track of time. Usually that makes “collective” because this type of game has an interesting and curious storyline.

It’s fun, if it used to be game adventure can only be played on PC, now PC games can be played on Android phones. But to be able to play it smoothly, you have to use smartphone high specification.

Currently, there are many adventure games that you can download on the Google Play Store. The good news is that now there are many free Android adventure games that you can get.

Well, if you are confused about choosing which games are fun to play, Telset will recommend a list of the best Android adventure games that can be played online. online nor offline. Come on, see the list, friend!


1. Minecraft

The first list of the best Android adventure games goes to Minecraft. Hearing his name, of course, must be familiar, right? This Android adventure game is already very popular among adventure game fans.

Here, you will be invited on an adventure to explore the vastness of the map or the endless map. The fun thing is, you are free to build buildings or destroy buildings in locations that you pass.

Like other adventure games, here you too must be able to survive. For that, you can look for food sources, cut down trees, dig soil, build houses, and fight against zombies that will disturb you at any time. But we remind you, the Minicarft game really drains your cellphone quota and storage space.

2. Crashland

Best Adventure Games Android online offline

Crashland is the best Android adventure game which is quite popular. In this game, you will be taken on an adventure to explore the world. Interestingly, players in this game will get the nickname Flux Dabes who will be accompanied by robots in exploring foreign planets.

You here must complete missions with the provision of a mini map to face challenges in the form of attacks from opponents who come repeatedly. The winner in this game if the player can translate all the clues obtained.

3. Limbo

The next best adventure game on Android is Limbo, which once won the award for best adventure game on PC. Now, you can play Limbo on Android devices. Limbo’s success as the best PC game seems to continue as a mobile game.

It is proven that this game has been downloaded millions of times by Android users. Not surprising, because Limbo’s gameplay is very interesting to play. This game offers a thrilling horror adventure, but it is guaranteed to make you addicted to playing it.

4. Pokemon GO

Compared to other adventure games, perhaps the name Pokemon GO could be the most popular. Yup, who sih who doesn’t know Pokemon. Surely everyone already knows, at least already familiar with the name.

The popularity of his name is directly proportional to the excitement of the game. This game with AR (Augmented Reality) technology can take you on adventures in the real and virtual world. Your job is only to catch various pokemon scattered around the world.

5. Doom and Destiny Advanced

Best Adventure Games Android online offline

Doom and Destiny Advance is an adventure game that’s fun, but also hilarious. This best RPG game has an absurd comedy storyline. There are four nerd games that you can play to explore the RPG world that can also be found in the real world.

How to play the game Doom and Desteny Advance is actually quite easy. You will be given a choice of 4 characters to face businessmen with the ability to move dimensions.

6. Ninja Arashi

We included Ninja Arashi in our list of adventure games because this game is really fun to play. As the name implies, the character in this game is a Ninja figure. The fun thing is, you can fight like a Ninja, complete with various weapons that you often see in Japanese-style Ninja films.

You will play as Arashi, a legendary former Ninja who struggles to save his son who was kidnapped by a shadow demon named Orochi. Your struggle is not easy, because you have to go through a world that has been damaged.

7. Genshin Impact

Although relatively new, Genshin Impact’s prestige has skyrocketed since this best adventure game was launched in 2020. Besides having good graphics, this game also has a storyline that makes players addicted.

This game made by miHoYo Limited gives players missions to fight monsters, complete missions, and uncover puzzles. When you enter the world of “Teyvat”, you will be treated to views of the sea, hills, and vast meadows. We recommend using a high specification HP to play Genshin Impact.

8. Out There

Out There is the best Android adventure game that can be played online online and offline. In this game, you will be taken on an adventure to outer space. But not for sightseeing, because you are actually lost in space and struggling to get back to Earth.

During your adventure in outer space, you will be awakened in Cryonics, which is an area in outer space full of evil aliens and must hunt for lots of oxygen. Will you be able to return to Earth alive? Please try it.

9. Assassin’s Creed Pirates

After the success in the world of PC and console games, Ubisoft is trying to bring several Assassin’s Creed games in the mobile version, one of which is Assassin’s Creed Pirates. This game is actually a spin-off of the console version of the game titled Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag.

The difference with the console version, you in this game will control a pirate ship that carries a mission to find treasure by having to be able to complete predetermined missions.

10. Modern Combat 5 Blackout

Taking the background of the battlefield, Modern Combat 5 Blackout can be a fun Android adventure game to play. Before plunging into the battlefield, players will get a variety of weapons.

The quality of the graphics that are qualified will really spoil your eyes. Besides being able to be played alone, this game can be played in groups using the multiplayer feature, if you want to add to the fun.

11. Assassin’s Creed Unity

In addition to the Assassin’s Creed Pirates game, Ubisoft also has a mobile version for the Assassin’s Creed game, namely Assassin’s Creed Unity. This game is an adapted version of all console versions of the Assassin’s Creed game series.

As the name implies, you are required to make a assassin brotherhood to carry out assigned missions. You can navigate your team via a 3D map.

12. The Wakling Dead: Season One & Season Two

Like spooky? Game The Walking Dead could be an option. The best adventure game based on the already very popular film also presents zombies as enemies that must be faced.

This game is fun to play in either the season one or season two versions. Just like the story in the film, in this game you also have to deal with a group of scary zombies while completing missions, and of course to survive.


Well, those were the recommendations for the best adventure games on Android that you can try. It depends on your taste in choosing the genre. Good luck. [HBS]

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