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10 Ways to Shorten Links Quickly and Without Hassle


Have you ever shared a link long on social media? How do you feel when you see link the? Slobbery? Unsightly? Or how? Surely link which is too long is not ideal for writing and less comfortable to look at.

Or have you ever written a link long on a business card, so it looks very untidy and takes up a lot of space? Now you can avoid that because there are many sites that offer shortening services link or link for free. Therefore, link what you share will be shorter and easier to remember.

This service provider also offers a full package for a fee. In this service, you use many features that can help your business activities. But if it’s just trimming, you can rely on the sites below.

1. Bitly


Bitly is an application for shortening link best at the moment. Online business people are usually very familiar with Bitly. With this application, they can shorten link which will be shared on social media or advertisements so that it becomes easier to use.

Generally link shortened by online business people is link which directs others to a page on a website or WhatsApp where they can find information about products being sold and make purchases.

With Bitly too, the traffic that occurs on the shared link can be monitored easily. For example, how many times have you link those people clicked on and where they came from.

To be able to shorten link or linking with Bitly is very easy to do. You just have to visit the Bitly site here. Then you just do glasses (copy-paste) on link that you want to shorten in the box provided.

Without waiting long, Bitly will immediately shorten link your length without having to register first. Look at the example below.

  • Link normal:
  • After shortening with Bitly:

Link which has been shortened, you can directly copy and share with others. It is just, link Bitly is made without login first you can not modify or monitor the traffic.

If you want so, then you must first register using a social media account or email address. Example of a modified Bitly link.

  • Link Bitly normal:
  • Modified Bitly link:

So, once registered with Bitly, link the shortened one can be changed back (after in your own words. However, if the specified word choice is already used by someone else, Bitly will automatically reject it and you will have to look for other available words.

How? How to shorten link with Bitly it’s very easy isn’t it? If you are a business person, just use Bitly to shorten each link. Bitly can be accessed for free, but there are also paid plans with more features. Click here to use Bitly.



Next there is a link shortening application called This app is almost similar to Bitly in that you can also track the traffic coming to your link. You can also register for free to

Free users can only create 1000 links and track their traffic up to 1000 clicks per link. Apart from that, the free account is also only linked to one domain to create a branded link. offers several paid plans to be able to access more features. The price it offers is starting from $12 per month. If you want to try using, you can visit the site here.

3. TinyURL


TinyURL has been around since 2002 and until now many are still using it to shorten URLs. Although not as famous as it used to be, you can rely on TinyURL to shorten URLs. Just copy and paste link which you want to shorten on its site. Then, press the button Make TinyURL.

You can also change the last word just like in Bitly. TinyURL provides both free and paid services. However, the free service offers very limited features. While the paid features present many advantages. Examples such as active links that number in the hundreds every month.


It's great

Another link shortening app that is no less popular is This app is part of HootSuite, a social media management service.

More specifically, HootSuite is a social media content management tool that is connected to various other social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

How to shorten link with also not much different from TinyURL. Oh yes, this one application provides subscription rates. The fee starts from IDR 700,000. You can use the link shortener here.


Isgd is arguably one of the simplest link shorteners. No extra features here, just trimming links. If your goal is just to shorten URLs without anything else, then can be the best choice.

Shortening links in is easy. You don’t need to register or fill in a CAPTCHA code, just enter your long link and shorten it right away! It is posted on its website that has shortened about 2.2 billion links. Click here to go to the site.

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