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10 Traveling Applications that Travelers Must Prepare Before a Trip


Apart from having to prepare financially, mentally, and various equipment for traveling abroad, para traveler must also prepare smartphoneby filling out various applications traveling who can help you while traveling.

Just so you know, traveling going abroad is fun. However, for the traveler For starters, traveling abroad might make him a little worried, scared, and so on.

Because, the foreign atmosphere coupled with a different culture and language, makes the traveler a little uncomfortable in traveling.

But calm down, for those of you who are planning to travel abroad, team The telephone recommend app traveling which must be in smartphone. Let’s see!


1. Traveloka

Travel Application
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One of the best travel applications that provides cheap airline tickets and this hotel can be an alternative for travelers traveler to start the journey. The Traveloka application provides various features for its users, such as cheap hotel search, bus bookings and shuttleuntil the City Guides feature.

This traveling application allows you to find out popular destinations in each country, including activities that can be undertaken and costs that must be incurred by users when they want to participate in these activities. Travel packages are also available, up to voucher which can be utilized.

2. App in The Air

Travel Application

There are many possibilities that sometimes make us almost miss our flight at an international airport which has a very large area. Apart from being wrong schedule departure time, sometimes people are also confused about the position of the gate or terminal where the plane is parked.

Well, the App in The Air application can really help solve this problem. By using this travel application, you can see flight schedules in real time and can also find out at the terminal and gate how many planes you will be boarding.

3. Winnie

Travel Application

When traveler traveling with their children, the Winnie application is one of the applications that must be in smartphone. This travel application provides various information about tourist destinations, hotels, restaurants, to fun activities for children.

Interesting, travel app it also makes parents to connect with traveler others to exchange travel information. That allows them to be able to ask other users if they need tips or information about traveling with the baby.

4. Tunity

Travel Application

Have you ever watched the TV channels provided in airport lounges, stations, and terminals? If so, surely you have experienced a situation where the TV you are watching only displays an image without sound, right?

Well, the Tunity app here is useful for being able to listen to audio from TV channels with headset or speaker from smartphone. To do this, you only need to scan the TV, and Tunity will automatically search for programs and channel the audio to smartphone you guys.

5. Trover

Travel Application

When doing travelingyou should not only share photos and information via Instagram or other social media, but also share them in a special application for the traveler, like Trover. This traveling application is like an application from traveler for traveler.

Because, here users can share photos and videos with each other review from various tourist destinations visited. Trover is considered suitable for use by users who like photography and traveling. In addition, for culinary fans, there is also a restaurant guide which is quite complete in it.

6. Flightradar

Application for Travel

Flightradar is very useful for you to monitor flights around the world. Bak one Air Traffic Controller (ATC), this travel application allows you to observe aircraft flight paths, departure and arrival schedules, as well as predict delay or flight delays.

The way to use it is easy. You only need to look for a particular airline by going to the Search section. There are four search options that can be used, such as Flight by Route, Flight by Airline, Airport by Country, to Nearby.

7. Priority Pass

Travel Application

The Priority Pass application allows you to be able to use the facility lounge at the airport, it’s like having a business class ticket. This traveling application can be used at various popular airports in the world, including Indonesia.

Priority basically makes users no longer wait in the usual waiting room, but in a special room that allows them to rest on comfortable sofas, until they enjoy the various foods and drinks available.

8. YouTube

Travel Application

Don’t forget YouTube, this video sharing application everyone is very familiar with. Because, this application can be the main alternative when you are bored waiting for the departure schedule.

Currently, there are many airports that provide free and fast WiFi access, so you can use it for just that streaming or maybe download YouTube to watch while on the plane.

9. Google Maps

Travel Application

You must use this application for traveling when visiting places or countries that are completely foreign or have just been visited. Using Google Maps, you can easily find street routes in the city.

Apart from that, you can also get information about public transportation that can be used from point A to point B. Google Maps also allows navigation without an internet network, by downloading a map of the desired area.

10. Zomato

Applications for Traveling

Culinary applications for finding places to eat are very important for travelers. By using the Zomato app, you will be able to more easily find various “hidden culinary paradises” that can be explored in the cities you visit.

Before heading to the location, you can first monitor the menu served and prices for the culinary delights via the Zomato application. Apart from that, you can also get information about the location, up to review places to eat from other users on the Zomato app. (HBS)

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