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Huawei Confirms Launching Huawei Mate 50 Series on September 6


After many leaks and rumors circulating on the internet, Huawei today officially announced that the Huawei Mate 50 Series will be launched on September 6, 2022 in China.

Although it is not official information from Huawei, there are rumors that four models will be launched, namely the Mate 50, Mate 50E, Mate 50 Pro, and Mate 50 RS Porsche Design.

At the September event, Huawei will also reportedly announce XMage, a home-made camera technology, which will replace the Leica camera for Huawei’s latest cellphone.

As is known, Huawei has confirmed that it has ended its partnership with the German camera manufacturer, Leica in May 2022. The XMage camera technology is claimed to be far more compatible and futuristic than the Leica camera.


Huawei Mate 50 Series

Chances are, the Mate 50 Series will be the first line of smartphones to use Xmage camera technology, which will reportedly get an amazing night photo upgrade.

Later all Huawei phones will also have a special NPU, developed by HiSilicon, which will process various intelligent systems required by XMage.

Last July, the Digital Chat Station account gave a little glimpse of the look of Huawei’s flagship smartphone. The leaked image shows the rear body of the Mate 50 and Mate 50 Pro.

It looks like the Mate 50 has a black body, and the placement of the camera lens and LED lights in the middle with a round frame wrapped. While on the left, frame the camera tends to be slightly brighter than the aperture. This makes the lens more clearly visible due to the difference in color.

As for the Mate 50 Pro, the color of the frame and lens holes are both black, so the camera view feels darker than the Mate 50.

It’s not just the rear view that’s leaking. It turns out that the front of the Mate 50 Series has also been circulating on the internet. There is no information about the screen size of the Mate 50 Series, but there are differences in the standard and pro versions.

Huawei Mate 50 Series


For the standard version, there is a camera with a design punch hole at the top. While in the Pro version there is no punch hole, so it is not known how the front camera design. However, the pro version will be supported by facial scanning technology.

In addition to the design and camera issues, this latest Huawei cellphone will be powered by the Kirin 9000S chipset and run on the HarmonyOS 3.0 operating system, so there is a strong suspicion that this cellphone is not supported by 5G networks, aka only 4G. [HBS]

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