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Easy Ways to Enlarge PDF File Size Use These 7 Sites and Applications


PDF is one of the most widely used file formats today. PDF or Portable Document Format was chosen because it is safe and more compact when transferred from one device to another. In fact, this type of file will not change even if the file is opened using a different operating system.

Unfortunately, when a file is made into a PDF file, sometimes the size becomes smaller, so the quality of the file decreases. Like a photo or image file. When converted to PDF format, this file will be blurry.

Therefore, some people try to resize the PDF file to be larger, so that the file display is clearer, not blurry or broken. So, here the Caris Signal team presents several ways to increase the size of a PDF file.

1. Using Adobe Photoshop


The first way to increase the size of a PDF file is to use the Adobe Photoshop application. This application, which is usually used to edit or resize photos, can actually be used to increase or decrease the size of a PDF.

Just like resizing photos, in using this application, you will resize files by changing their resolution. Interestingly, you can immediately save the results of this file change in PDF format again. This application can automatically convert JPG files to PDF.

To do so, you can open the Photoshop application both on PC and smartphone. So, select a PDF file to be edited. Find and enter the menu “Image” Then “Image size”. Look for the image resolution column, and fill in the resolution number with a larger size. After that click OK button. Once done, enter the menu “File” and select “Save As“. Save the edited file earlier.

2. Using the SodaPDF Site

resize PDF files using sodapdf_

SodaPDF is a site that provides a number of PDF file editing features for free online. In this site, you can not only enlarge or reduce the size of the PDF file. You can also convert PDF files to other file formats. The developer also provides a feature of merging PDF files, etc.

Interestingly, when you finish editing, this site gives you the option to save the edits directly to your PC or laptop, or send them via email.

For steps to enlarge the PDF file size, see the review below:

  1. Open a browser on your cellphone or laptop yours.
  2. Type in “” in the search address. Then you just have to choose “Choose file” and upload the PDF file you want to enlarge. Later, the file will be uploaded to the device or storage online seperti DropBox, Google Drive.
  3. Once open, you live set page margins and paper type. Furthermore, click “Resize”.
  4. When the process is complete, click “Downloads”. You can directly save the changes on the device.

This site can be accessed free of charge. However, if you want to use the service for free offlineyou can download the application.


resize PDF files using online2pdf_ present a fairly complete feature. Starting from combining files, editing, separating files, to opening locked files. Apart from that, you can also use this site to resize PDF files quickly and easily.

To enlarge the PDF file size, you open browser on a laptop or PC. When you enter the site, Click “Select file” and select the file to edit.

Select “Compressions” and change the image quality as needed. You can change the file size to 1 MB or more. After that, click “Convert” and wait for the resizing process to complete. You just have to click ‘Save’ and the file will be downloaded.

4. PDFResizer

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