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Vivo V25 Series 5G Released September 12, 2022, These are the Leaked Specifications



Vivo Indonesia ensures that the Vivo V25 Series 5G is ready to launch in the Indonesian market on September 12, 2022. Ahead of its launch, Vivo shared the leaked specifications of its newest product.

Based on an official statement received on Saturday (10/9/2022), Vivo Indonesia’s Senior Product Manager, Yoga Samiaji, explained that soon the Indonesian people will experience a breakthrough innovation from the Vivo V25 Series 5G.

“We hope that the Vivo V25 Series 5G can be the right answer for consumers who are looking for a complete smartphone lifestyle package with extraordinary performance to be creative and share inspiration with others in the form of photos and videos,” said Yoga.

Furthermore, Yoga said that the Vivo V25 Series 5G has a tough and better performance than the previous series.

Vivo’s latest cellphone not only brings technological innovation to the camera, but also increases performance with breakthrough Extended RAM 3.0, Cooling System, and FlashCharge capabilities.

“We can’t wait to present various innovations and technologies from the Vivo V25 Series 5G in Indonesia. We hope that the public will continue to monitor information on specifications and the launch of the Vivo V25 Series 5G on Vivo Indonesia’s social media,” he continued.

Ahead of its launch, Vivo also provided leaked specifications for the Vivo V25 Series 5G. Anything?


Leaked Vivo V25 Series 5G Specifications

Vivo V25 Series 5G consists of Vivo V25 5G and Vivo V25 5G Pro. These two Vivo 5G cellphones will present the latest innovations in the form of Extended RAM 3.0 technology which can increase RAM capacity up to 8 GB.

This virtual RAM technology makes smartphone performance more optimal and can run 50% more applications simultaneously, compared to the previous V-Series generation.

The plan is that Vivo V25 Pro has a capacity of 12 GB + 8 GB Extended RAM, while for Vivo V25 it has a storage capacity of 8 GB + 8 GB Extended RAM.

Also embed a cooling system or Cooling System that has been updated to answer the problem of overheating, or overheating on smartphones that users often feel.

A cooling technology called the Bionic Cooling System that is in the Vivo V25 Pro 5G which can work faster and more significantly in cooling smartphones. The Bionic Cooling System can also reduce the direct thermal impact on the CPU.

The Bionic Cooling System comes with the expansion of the Vapor Chamber area which reaches 3002 square millimeters. As for the Vivo V25 5G, the Liquid Cooling System technology is embedded.


It doesn’t stop there, the Vivo V25 Series 5G also provides updates to the charging sector. Vivo V25 Pro comes with a 4830 mAh battery and 66W FlashCharge capability.

Its fast charging technology is claimed. able to make the smartphone charged up to 71% in just 30 minutes. While the Vivo V25 is powered by a 4500 mAh battery and is equipped with 44W FlashCharge which can make the smartphone 61% charged in just 30 minutes.

The launch of the Vivo V25 Series 5G will be broadcast on Vivo Indonesia’s official social media accounts on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook channels on September 12, 2022 at 13:00 WIB.

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