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This is how to lock applications on Xiaomi cellphones easily and safely


As personal items, of course we have some data or information in the application that is personal and confidential. For example, on Xiaomi cellphones, there is a security feature to lock applications. The feature is named App Lock.

The security of this feature is very good, you can choose a locking method that you think is more secure. You can use your pattern, password, fingerprint scanner, or facial recognition to access locked apps. Then, how do you lock it?

Don’t worry, in this article, Caris Signal has laid out the steps that you can follow. This article will discuss how to lock applications on Xiaomi cellphones using default features App Lock. Please read this article to the end, OK?

One of the security features owned by Xiaomi is a feature to lock applications. This feature can be used directly without downloading the application first. Named feature App Lock This can be found in your favorite Xiaomi HP Settings.

For information, the author uses the Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S cellphone with the MIUI 13 interface to make this tutorial. Actually, the steps that will be explained will not be much different from other Xiaomi cellphones. Even more so if your Xiaomi cellphone already uses the MIUI 13 interface.

Well, how? Please refer to the following steps.

1. First Step, Activate Security Features

  • The first step to take is to open “Suit” via app or notification bar.
how to lock Xiaomi cellphone applications
  • Before locking the application, you must first provide security for your Xiaomi cellphone.
  • To activate it, please search and select the menu “Password and security”.
how to lock Xiaomi cellphone applications
  • To lock the screen, please press “screen lock”.
  • You can also use a fingerprint scanner or facial recognition to unlock your cellphone. This method is the most practical method than the other methods.
how to lock Xiaomi cellphone applications
  • You can choose a lock method for your Xiaomi cellphone, starting from pattern, PIN or password.
  • To be more secure, PIN and Password can be your best choice. You can make any combination to make it hard to guess, but easy to remember. Because, if you forget, you have to delete all HP data, including photos, contacts, and so on to create a new password.
how to lock Xiaomi cellphone applications

2. Step Two, Activate Application Lock (App Lock)

After successfully locking your Xiaomi cellphone, do the following steps.

  • Please return to the Initial settings page.
  • Then, find and select the menu “Application”.
how to lock Xiaomi cellphone applications
  • To lock the application, please select “app lock”.
  • You will be asked to enter the Xiaomi HP security that was made before, be it using a pattern, PIN, fingerprint scanner or facial recognition.
how to lock Xiaomi cellphone applications
  • Once open, please press the button “turn it on” to activate the app lock feature.
how to lock Xiaomi cellphone applications
  • After that, you will be asked to set a lock method for locked apps. You can choose which method to use, for example, pattern, PIN, or password.
  • The key to access the application can be different from the key used for your Xiaomi cellphone. However, it is recommended to use the same method and password so you don’t forget it.
  • If so, please press “Next” and re-enter the generated key to confirm.
how to lock Xiaomi cellphone applications
  • After that, you will be asked to enter the lock method into your Xiaomi account (Mi Account). This Mi Account function is to recover the lock in case you forget it at any time.
  • However, if you don’t want to do that, you can press a button “Later” to skip this step.
  • After that, you will also be asked to confirm fingerprint scanning and facial recognition to make opening the application easier.
how to lock Xiaomi cellphone applications
  • After successfully logging in, you can freely choose which apps to lock.
  • The trick is to press toggle next to the name of the application to which it turns blue.

After all these steps have been successfully carried out, please go back and lock your Xiaomi cellphone first. Then, you can immediately try to open the locked application. If the application asks to enter the application lock, then the method that was just done has succeeded.

Now, you don’t have to worry anymore when your cellphone is borrowed by friends or other people. Because, that person will not be able to open your personal application at will. Apart from that, your Xiaomi cellphone also has its own security, so that the cellphone becomes more secure. Hope this article helps. Good luck.

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