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This is how to choose the right cell phone with the right budget


Of course, the number of cellphones currently circulating is good news because you and everyone can have many choices. However, the bad news is, sometimes too many choices can make you or other potential customers confused about choosing a cell phone. Especially now that the cellphones in circulation have different specifications.

However, you shouldn’t be confused. There is an easy way so that you can choose the right HP and what you need. The trick is to read the guide to choosing the right HP below.

Choosing HP Based on Funds

The first way to choose a cellphone is to choose a cellphone based on the funds you have. You may want a high-performance cellphone but find that you don’t have enough funds.

Therefore, it’s best before buying a cellphone, prepare funds first. Just specify the target HP. You can see the HP categories based on funds below.

1. Class Low-End (1 To 2 Million)

Infinix Note 10 Camera

Class low-end synonymous with affordable HP. Usually the price range for this class is IDR 1 million or even less than IDR 2 million. This class is also often referred to as a class budget phone.

Many mobile phone vendors are playing in this affordable price class. But not all of them offer attractive specifications. The reason is, in this affordable price class, the specifications offered are generally mediocre.

Well-known vendors such as Xiaomi, Samsung, vivo, OPPO, realme, and Infinix present several types of cellphones in this price class with chipset interesting.

For example chipset Helio seri G, Unisoc Tiger series, or the Snapdragon 600 Series. In this price class, several cellphones already offer 4 GB of RAM. Examples are Infinix Hot 12, realm C35, Infinix Note 11 NFC, and realm Narzo 50.

There are also POCO M3 and Redmi 9T which offer 4GB of RAM with 64GB of storage. Both of these phones are worth choosing considering they both offer chipset Snapdragon 662. HP from other vendors with chipset the same can be offered at a price of IDR 2 to IDR 3 million.

2. Class Middle-Range (2 To 5 Million)

bit m4 pro

Class mid-range or the middle class is the class with the most competition. Almost all vendors are fighting in this price class. Because the biggest market for cell phone use is in this price class. This is quite reasonable, considering that many people on average set aside funds to buy a cell phone in the range of Rp. 2 to 3 million.

There are also those who don’t really have a problem buying a cell phone in the range of Rp. 4 million. Because of the tough competition, you will find many cellphones in the middle price class with various specifications.

There are those who excel in the performance sector in their price class, there are those who excel in the camera sector, there are those who excel in the multimedia sector, there are also those who excel in the build quality-his. In fact, in this price class, HP can be found with chipset fast or that already supports the 5G network.

If the funds you have are in the range of Rp. 2 to Rp. 3 million, you can choose many cellphones, such as the Redmi Note 11, Samsung Galaxy M23 5G, OPPO A57 4G, POCO M4 Pro or Realme 9.

If you need a cellphone with good performance, you can choose several cellphones, such as Redmi Note 11 Pro, POCO X3 Pro, Infinix Note 12, OPPO A76 and Realme 9 Pro.

If the focus is on the camera, you can look at the HP from the Vivo V series or the Samsung Galaxy A23 which has OIS. You can also glance at cellphones that offer slim designs like OPPO A95, Vivo V23e, and Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite.

If you need an HP with balanced specifications, you can look at HP at a price of IDR 4 million. In this price class, you can find cellphones that have good performance, good camera quality, and even have some high-end features. In this price class, you can find mobile phones such as the Vivo T1 Pro 5G, the Samsung Galaxy A33 5G, or the GT Master Edition realm.

3. Class Middle-Range to High (5 To 8 Million)

galaxy a53 5g release price__1

Actually there is no term for this price class. This price class is quite difficult to put into the middle class because usually the specifications offered are high but not yet perfect to say high-class cellphones.

This price class arises because of the needs of many people who want high-performance cellphones with good specifications but the price is not too expensive. Therefore, HP in this price class presents cellphones with high specs, or have advantages that other types of cellphones don’t have.

Usually, several cellphones in this price class have been used chipset high class. HP bodies in this price class are also generally premium (metal). In the IDR 4 million class, there are still many who use plastic. In this middle to upper price class, generally the body and screen appearance are attractive.

Usually cellphones in this price class do not have enhanced features. Features like NFC or fast charging Usually it’s already on this HP. And what’s interesting, many cellphones in this price class are powered by fast chipsets from Snapdragon.

What isn’t there, in general, are waterproof features, military standards, and feature support wireless charging. Not all cellphones do, but generally cellphones that are officially circulated officially in Indonesia don’t have full features. If what is circulating is not official, usually the features are complete, just like high-end cellphones.

For the price class of Rp5 million, you can choose Xiaomi 12 Lite, realme GT Neo 3T, Samsung Galaxy A53 5G, POCO F4, realme GT Neo 3T, realme 9 Pro+, Xiaomi 11T, vivo V23 5G, and OPPO Reno7 Z 5G.

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