Silent Hill 2 Remake Announced, Exclusively on PS5


Konami has officially announced the Silent Hill 2 remake. This title will be an exclusive game on PS5.

After years of rumors and speculation, Konami has finally announced the Silent Hill 2 remake. The company showcased footage from the game while giving developers insight into what the horror game project would require.

Quoted The telephone from GamerantThe remake of this game is being developed by Bloober Team, a studio best known for games like Layers of Fear and The Medium.


The Medium itself has a lot in common with the classic game Silent Hill, so it looks like this remake is likely to be in good hands.

Original artist Masahiro Ito and original composer Akira Yamaoka were also involved in game development. Broadly speaking, the Silent Hill 2 remake will likely be the same as the original, but with updated graphics and important changes to help it meet modern standards.

The game trailer shows protagonist James Sunderland exploring the spooky town of Silent Hill. Some of the game’s iconic creatures with updated visuals are also shown. Call it the creepy nurse and of course, Pyramid Head.

Konami hasn’t shared a release date for the game yet, but fans can expect the Silent Hill 2 remake to be the first release in Konami’s quest to revitalize the long-dormant horror franchise.


Those who have been following the leaks and rumors of Silent Hill 2 won’t be surprised by this much information. Akira Yamaoka himself has long been rumored to be composing the music for the remake of this game.

Likewise with the Bloober Team, previously mentioned will be the developers of this game.

Even so, not all of the information regarding the leaked game is true. For example, leaks that this horror game will be an episodic game. At least, that was not announced by Konami during the event. [FY/IF]

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