Roblox Removes Russia vs Ukraine Battle Game


The world’s largest gaming platform for kids, Roblox, removes two game Russia vs Ukraine battle. Game it’s controversial.

One game The Russia vs Ukraine battle that Roblox removed was War on Larkiv: Ukraine. Two game it violates the company’s community standards.

War on Larkiv: Ukraine is based in a fictional city resembling the city of Kharkiv. In Kharkiv, hundreds of people died in indiscriminate shootings after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.


Game another, called Battle for Ukraine, has been on the Roblox site for months, allowing players to watch the bombing of cities.

One of these is the city of Mariupol, which was besieged and largely destroyed by Russian forces earlier this year. Not a few lives lost in the city.

No less than 50 million players, mainly children, log into Roblox every day to play mini-game. There are also children who make their own “experience”.

As reported BBC, there are millions of experiences generated by players. The most popular ones are showcased to Roblox players via a curated home screen.

The telephone quoted on Sunday (2/10/2022), War on Larkiv: Ukraine is increasingly popular because it is showcased and has a review score of up to 71 percent of users.

Game It also gained a lot of views on TikTok with 4.7 million video views. Game it encourages players to upgrade weapons in return.

“Take your weapon and choose your side to fight in War on Larkiv: Ukraine. The battle is ongoing in the fictional city of Larkiv,” reads the description on the page.

Players can choose to fight for Ukraine or Russia with the number of kills on each side that is updated throughout the game and can be followed by anyone.

“We have strict community standards that govern the depiction of real-world events. The two games have been removed for infringement,” a Roblox spokesperson said.


Developer game Ukrainian Grisha Bolshakov, who left Kharkiv and lives in England, said he would never try to make game about war.

Just so you know, the Russian invasion of Ukraine since February 2022 is still ongoing until now. Many countries condemned Russia’s actions under the leadership of Vladimir Putin. [SN/HBS]

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