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Samsung Leaks About Folding Screen iPad, Released in 2024?


Samsung has leaked information about its competitor Apple’s technological innovations, particularly regarding folding tablets or iPads. Samsung says that Apple will launch a foldable tablet in 2024.

Quoted The telephone from Phone Arena On Saturday (11/5/2022), Samsung’s Mobile Experience business unit suspected that Apple would release a technology device that could be folded. However, the device in question is not a smartphone, but a tablet.

The Cupertino giant is likely to launch a foldable iPad tablet sometime in 2024. It’s not clear why Samsung is so sure Apple will launch a foldable tablet in 2024.

However, please note that Samsung has been working closely with Apple for a long time. Samsung makes 82% of the AMOLED screens used on the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus and iPhone 14 Pro. Meanwhile, the iPhone 14 Pro Max smartphone uses a 100% AMOLED screen made by Samsung.


Samsung’s prediction is different from the statement of analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who often provides information about Apple products. Initially Ming-Chi Kuo stated that a folding screen iPhone or iPad would be released in 2023.

Then, he corrected the statement by saying that the folding screen iPad would have a 9-inch screen.

Apple iPad Foldable Screen

Then, the new smart tablet device will be introduced to the public in early 2025. Until now, Samsung has not provided a response regarding the issue of the folding iPad.

Actually, it’s not just Samsung or Ming-Chi Kuo, who are blowing rumors regarding Apple’s folding screen device. In early October, CCS Insights mentioned in “Predictions for 2023 and Beyond” that Apple would bring a foldable iPad to market before releasing the iPhone. foldable.


The new tablet with a flexible display is expected to be in the super-premium price range and hit the market in 2024. Head of Research at CCS Insight, Ben Wood, said releasing a foldable iPhone could be a high-risk move for the Cupertino company.

Apple may have to set the price of a foldable iPhone at around $2,500 to maintain the stability of sales of other iPhone models.

Wood suggested Apple might try to avoid backlash from technical issues with the foldable iPhone. Apple could adopt new technology. Again, Apple has not commented on CCS Insights’ predictions about the presence of the iPad foldable in 2024. [NM/IF]

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