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Samsung Introduces the Latest Micro LED Screen, Has Black Seal Technology


Samsung introduced two new series of its cutting-edge Micro LED display, The Wall. This technology offers an immersive viewing experience in large screen format and high resolution.

Leslie Goh, Head of Regional Display Solutions, Southeast Asia & Oceania, Samsung Electronics, said at a launch event that took place in Bangkok, Thailand recently, Micro LED represents the future of screen innovation.

“Samsung is leading the way in Micro LED adoption in Southeast Asia and Oceania with our flagship The Wall series. Enriching The Wall lineup with the launch of the All-in-One model, we offer a more immersive experience and innovation in installation, significantly simplifying the process, much like installing a consumer TV,” he said.


Back in 2018, Samsung as the pioneer of Micro LED display, launched The Wall, which was then the world’s first 146-inch consumer modular Micro LED display. Since its launch, The Wall has been used to provide premium experiences to consumers globally, including in Southeast Asia and Oceania.

In Bangkok, The Wall enables The Forestias by MQDC, Thailand’s largest property development project, to deliver a unique 360-degree cinematic experience to inspire its customers.

Now, The Wall All-in-One, also called the IAB Series, takes the ease of installing Micro LEDs to the next level. The IAB takes just two hours to install by two people as it comes with a pre-adjusted seam and a pre-assembled frame kit, which includes an embedded S-box media player.

The Wall All-in-One is only 49mm thin and is available in three models: 146-inch 4K, 146-inch 2K and 110-inch 2K.

“We are in the midst of a large-scale shift towards hybrid interaction, where everyone is expected to be able to connect seamlessly – whether at their desks, meeting rooms, classrooms, cafes or in their home office,” said Alex Hong, Head of Asia Sales & Marketing Group, Display Solutions, Samsung Electronics.

“Enterprises today have the opportunity to reimagine the future of productivity and collaboration that combines the physical, digital and virtual worlds. I am excited about the role display technology can play in helping companies reconnect with their stakeholders in the evolving world of hybrids.”

Apart from The Wall All-in-One, The Wall IWB Series was also introduced at the same event, which is available in 0.63 and 0.94 pixel pitches. At a pixel pitch of 0.63, this model is the thinnest pixel pitch ever in The Wall’s lineup, delivering the most detailed images and extended dynamic range through 120Hz frame rates, HDR10/10+ and HDR LEDs.

The Wall IWB Series also provides a variety of screen sizes, accommodating 4K viewing for the 110-inch and up to incredible 8K quality for the 220-inch.

All models in The Wall range have Black Seal technology, enabling purer black levels with increased depth and detail; and Ultra Chroma technology, where a narrower wavelength produces RGB colors that are twice as pure and more accurate as conventional LEDs.


Plus, there’s 20bit processing to deliver outstanding contrast ratios and smooth natural tone gradations; as well as a Micro AI Processor to increase image contrast while eliminating noise instantly.

The Wall also features Multi View, which allows playback of up to 4 content sources simultaneously on a single screen without the need for a video splitter.

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