Riot Games Adds New Competitive Mode Valorant Premier


Riot Games announced that it will introduce a new mode for Valorant called Premier Mode, which is a new competitive mode. Since the initial release of Valorant from Riot Games, game This FPS has always focused on competitive play.

As a direct competitor of game Counter-Strike’s legendary FPS, Valorant must continue to prove that they are the best place to showcase their talents gamer FPS.

With the presence of Premier Mode, this will be the next step towards normalizing the peak of competition in Valorant. The announcement of a new competitive game mode for Valorant didn’t come as much of a surprise to gamer.


Because in early 2022, Riot Games shared a glimpse of the future of Valorant’s competitive mode and gave a sneak peek of the release of a new game mode.

Looks like a developer game online This American origin wants to offer players with the goal of reaching the highest rank in the game, namely Radiant in competitive mode for the best players.

Until now, the only best and easiest way for gamer to reach the Radiant rank in Valorant is to join a professional esports team. Of course this is not an easy thing for everyone.

Premier is a new mode that will start with an alpha test in Brazil before being developed and available internationally in the future. In Premier, players will be able to form a team that will compete against other teams in a season of pre-scheduled matches.

Each season lasts a few weeks and will end with playoff the top team in the division and will eventually produce the Division Champion.

From this game mechanics, Premier will create structured league play within Valorant without the need for a separate organizational body or any non-automated oversight.

The alpha testing announced for Brazil will focus on a few key features for the Premiere, but only part of what Riot Game has planned for the full release later.

This test includes team creation with team logos and colors, matchmakinga scoring system for divisional rankings, and Valorant tournament play at the end of the season featuring a selection of maps and banning certain agents.


Of course, the alpha test will also test the Premier server to ensure a smooth launch. The exact form of Premier still needs to be refined, but the details of the alpha version should explain what will be available to Valorant players.

Valorant players can use the competitive mode to prove the skills of individual gamers, while in the latest mode players will rely more on cohesiveness between team members.

This could be a huge step forward and not only for Valorant but for the world of esports in general. [FY/HBS]

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