Booyah! RRQ Kazu Wins Free Fire Indonesia Masters 2022


RRQ Kazu made history as the new champion of Free Fire Indonesia Masters (FFIM) 2022 Fall. This victory is RRQ Kazu’s first title in the FFIM competition series.

In the grand finals which was held on Sunday (23/10/2022), RRQ Kazu faced pressure from opposing supporters who packed the FFIM Stadium arena. In addition, their struggle to win the throne is not easy.

The team, consisting of Richard William Manurung (Legaeloth), Ibnu Nasir Ramdani (PacMan), Victor Innocent (Maybee), Shahin Taskhir (Razor) and Aby Siliwangi Jaya Kusuma (Abay) had faced fierce resistance from competitors.

They are G Throne Aphrodite, Aura Ignite, and Dragon Phoenix who are trying to catch up. Even RRQ Kazu also fell in Round 7 when he had to be eliminated at the earliest.


However, they managed to get up and show the mentality of steel to be able to close the match as champions.

“The grand finals match as we predicted would not be easy for us because each team showed their best abilities and even overwhelmed us,” said RRQ Kazu Captain Richard.

After going through a fierce competition, RRQ Kazu finally won the Free Fire competition by collecting 109 points. Slightly superior to G Arsy Aphrodite who is in second place with 98 points. This team was able to score 2 Booyah times, 60 placement points, and 49 kills.

“We don’t stop fighting because we believe that there is still a chance to win and we must not give up. Confidence in yourself and the team is the main key to RRQ Kazu’s victory to become the 2022 Fall FFIM champion,” continued Richard.

On the other hand, Coach RRQ Kazu, Adi Gustiawan considered that his team’s victory could not be separated from the hard work of the players during the match and the support from many parties.

“This victory is the fruit of the hard work of all RRQ Kazu team members who have struggled and continue to believe in themselves and the team,” Adi explained in an official statement on Monday (24/10/2022).

With the status of the champion of FFIM 2022 Fall, the RRQ Kazu team is entitled to a grand prize of IDR 350 million. Meanwhile, G Arsy Aphrodite as Runner-up received Rp. 175 million and Aura Ignite as the third winner received Rp. 80 million.

With this victory, RRQ Kazu will advance to the Free Fire World Series (FFWS) Play-ins round which will be held in Bangkok on November 25-26 2022.


RRQ Kazu will be Indonesia’s second representative in the competition with SES Alfaink who is the champion of FFML Season VI Division 1. However, RRQ Kazu must first compete with teams from other countries in the Play-Ins round to be able to catch up with SES Alfaink in the Grand 2022 FFWS Finals. [NM/HBS]

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