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Ready to be released, this is a row of features of Huawei Watch D and FreeBuds Pro 2

Advertisment, Jakarta – Huawei Indonesia will soon launch the latest IoT products, namely Huawei Watch D and FreeBuds Pro 2. Here are the leaked features of the two products.

Through a private viewing event on Wednesday (8/24/2022), Training Director of Huawei Device Indonesia, Edy Supartono explained that Huawei Watch D is a product that offers a series of excellent features, one of which is a feature for measuring blood pressure.

“Measuring high blood pressure is an action that must be done consistently. Therefore, Huawei Watch D is a smartwatch with a compact design, but capable of measuring high blood pressure,” explained Edy.

While the Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2 is a TWS with various specifications and feature improvements. These improvements are made to provide convenience and security to users who use it.

“Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2 is a TWS with enhanced capabilities and a thinner design to provide user comfort,” continued Edy.


Huawei Watch D Feature Row

Huawei Watch D is Huawei’s latest smartwatch that has the ability to measure users’ high blood pressure, using Huawei TruBP technology.

Edy said that the technology was able to measure blood pressure on the Watch D, with a margin of error of approximately 3 mmHg. The margin of error is equivalent to that of a portable blood pressure meter.

Huawei Watch D

“The margin of error on the Watch D is equivalent to a blood pressure measuring device which is much larger in size,” said Edy.

In addition, with TruBP, the process of measuring high blood pressure also feels comfortable. Because this technology is able to integrate pressure sensors with precision, and uses ergonomically curved airbags.

Both of these technologies are claimed to make users feel painless when the blood pressure measurement process takes place.

“In addition, this airbag also prevents the rope from shifting during the measurement process, because measuring blood pressure requires the device to be in a stable position,” he said.

Huawei Watch D

In addition to the feature to measure high blood pressure, Huawei Watch D also has the ability to measure the user’s heart rate, temperature and stress level. Don’t forget there are quite a lot of sports features.

“There are 78 workout modes, including cycling, running and jumping sports modes,” said Edy.


Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2 Features Row

Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2

Not only Huawei Watch D, Huawei plans to bring its newest TWS FreeBuds Pro 2. This TWS is supported by Dual Driver Acoustic Driver technology which consists of Quad-Magnet Dynamic Driver and Planar Diaphragm technology.

This combination of technologies is embedded in the TWS FreeBuds Pro 2 to provide clearer sound and avoid interference.

“Dynamic Drivers are installed to improve the quality of the bass so that it is much thicker, as well as Diaphragms to overcome any interference or trouble,” said Edy.

Then TWS Huawei is also supported by audio technology from Devialet. Please note that Devialet is an audio technology company from France that often has a line of premium speakers and amplifiers.

With support from Devialet, FreeBudds Pro 2 is claimed to be able to produce natural sound, especially when listening to songs. Next, the Triple Adaptive EQ feature is also embedded.

TWS Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2

This feature allows the sound produced, will adjust to the ears of different users. Moreover, the size of the device is similar to TWS AirPods and is 18% smaller than the previous version.

“Triple Adaptive EQ answers the needs of consumers who have different ear shapes, which also affects how the TWS is installed,” continued Edy.

The plan is that Huawei Watch D and TWS Huawei FreeBuds 2 Pro will be released in Indonesia at the end of August 2022. So for those who are interested in these two devices, please be patient, because soon both will enter Indonesia.

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