Ragnarok Invites Players to Solve Puzzles



 Game God of War: Ragnarok gets some footage gameplay new. The video footage offers a glimpse into the new territory of Svartalfheim.

Game God of War: Ragnarok offers a new territory of Svartalfheim as Kratos explores the world of Dwarves and uses weapons to solve puzzles.

Unlike previous marketing campaigns, Sony appears to be saving key disclosures for a date closer to launch.

However, Sony provides information gameplay in small quantities, only talking about the edition deluxe to avoid disclosure spoiler.


Like The telephone quote from Gadgets360Thursday (8/9/2022), this game is planned to be released on November 9, 2022 later on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

A little gameplay The new game will focus on aspects of traversal and discovery. most will be based on foot or canoe.

As previously reported, this game will let gamer explore the nine realms with Atreus and travel to open areas.

Players are invited to find methods to prevent the apocalypse. In God of War 2018, Odin forbade access to realms outside Midgard, including Asgard and Vanaheim.

Besides Asgard and Vanaheim, there was a Dwarf’s burrow called Svartalfheim. Svartalfheim is a region of Dwarves ingenuity with ancient technical marvels.

There are mine pits, man-made aqueducts, and sprawling cities. It all culminates in environmental puzzles that are too complex to solve.

To navigate new realms, players must rely on Kratos’ devices and partner with his son, Atreus, to find solutions to problems.

While the Leviathan Ax allows hot geysers to freeze quickly, Blades of Chaos is useful for dismantling pots, much like Batclaw in game Batman: Arkham.

Santa Monica Studios also added a new ability mapped to the triangle button, which activates the weapon’s signature move when mashing.


God of War Ragnarok will present a new experience for players. Gamer can enjoy it starting November 9, 2022 later on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Just for the record, the game is available exclusively on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. game it will not be available for other platforms. [SN/HBS]

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