PS5 Gray Camouflage Collection Available October 14,



 PS5 Gray Camouflage Collection will officially arrive on October 14, 2022. Pre-orders will open from September 15, 2022, worldwide.

PS5 Gray Camouflage Collection sold as a set, including military-inspired DualSense controller and headset Pulse 3D wireless. What is the price?

The variant adds to the galaxy-inspired colorway option that was launched earlier this year, which doesn’t have the headset for fittings.

Like The telephone quote from Gadgets360Wednesday (7/9/2022), camo variant of headset PS5 wireless will go on sale next, namely in December 2022.


Sony has assured that faceplates Gray Camouflage will be available for two PS5 variants – Digital Edition and the larger one with drive disk Blu-ray.

The PlayStation design team “redrawn” the basic camouflage pattern to reflect a fresher feel, featuring a small bulge of the PlayStation icon.

Functions as an additional grip for long gaming sessions. The function of the special faceplate is similar to the previous cover, which is easy to replace and click.

For users in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, the Gray Camouflage PS5 will be available via PlayStation Direct members.

According to information, Sony also has plans to distribute custom PS5 accessories through participating retailers starting October 28, 2022.

While the site doesn’t have details on the PS5’s Gray Camouflage yet, those looking for a theme change can opt for the comic-inspired color options that Sony announced.

The Sony Center website currently lists the new Ice Blue, Cosmic Red, Purple, and Pink variants for the PS5 DualSense controller. The price is IDR 1.1 million with limited stock.


Sony has yet to reveal the price of the Gray Camouflage PS5. However, the previous sample shows that the special controller is only IDR 74,000 difference from the gamepad DualSense standar. [SN/HBS]

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