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Poco X5 Series 5G Will Be Present in Indonesia


Poco Indonesia confirms it will bring smartphone newest to the Indonesian market. The device in question is the Poco X5 Series 5G, which will be the newest Poco HP in class flagship which was brought to the Motherland.

The Poco X5 Series 5G release was confirmed directly by Poco Indonesia’s Head of Marketing, Andi Renreng at the Xiaomi-Poco Media Gathering event in Bandung on Wednesday (11/01/2023).

At the media talk show, Andi said that in 2023 Poco will remain consistent in bringing smartphones with high performance and extreme prices, aka difficult for consumers to predict.

“In 2023, Poco will continue to deliver smartphones with extreme performance and extreme prices,” said Andi.


As for early 2023, Andi confirmed that he would bring the Poco X5 Series 5G to the Indonesian market. Unfortunately, the man who is familiarly called Bung Andi did not mention in detail the schedule for the launch of Poco’s newest cellphone.

“Poco will bring the Poco X5 Series 5G to Indonesia,” he said briefly.

On the other hand, the signal that Poco will bring a new product in the near future can already be seen from Poco Indonesia’s Instagram post on Tuesday (01/10/2023) yesterday.

In his post, this vendor from China shows video stop motion in the form of 2 smartphones arranged like a mouth that is eating 5 balls.

Head of Marketing for Poco Indonesia Andi Renreng
Poco Indonesia Head of Marketing Andi Renreng (Right)

At first glance, similar to the legendary game Pac Man. Allegedly, this post still has something to do with the launch of the Poco X5 Series 5G in Indonesia.

“Get ready, boy. #BuatYangPahamAja #YangNgertiNgertiAja #POCOnyaBeraksi,” wrote the account @poco_id.

Poco X5 Series 5G
Poco Indonesia’s latest Instagram post regarding the X5 Series.

It is worth waiting for the presence of the Poco X5 Series 5G. Hopefully, this smartphone will actually be launched in early 2023 to enliven the smartphone market in the country.


Especially flagship smartphones because the Poco X Series is the flagship series of the Poco brand. Regarding leaked specifications, there is not much information about this newest Xiaomi cellphone and the Poco X5 Series has not yet been launched on the global market. [NM/HBS]

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