PlayStation 5 2022 Looks Slimmer and Lighter


PlayStation 5 2022 appears slimmer and lighter than similar products released in 2021. The console is reportedly released on September 15, 2022.

PlayStation 5 2022 lighter as it trims heat sink. There is some speculation that the edition is moving the APU to the 6nm node (down from the 7nm node).

If true, like The telephone quote from GSM ArenaWednesday (31/8/2022), the system will require less cooling so that it can make weight savings.

The revised edition of the PlayStation 5 will reportedly be produced more quickly. Unfortunately, the price of the device has not been revealed. The same applies to availability in the market.


Previously it was reported that the price of the new PS5 in European countries, Japan, and the UK will increase due to economic pressures, including rising interest rates.

Mentioned, the price of the new PS5 with disk drive will increase to USD550.81 or approximately Rp8.1 million from the previous USD501 or around Rp7.4 million in Europe and Japan.

Sony said the PlayStation 5 will not experience a price increase in the United States. Because, in that country, PS5 has to compete for the market with Microsoft Xbox.

Like The telephone quote from New York PostFriday (26/8/2022), PS5 price increases in several countries occurred due to business game Sony is hit by a supply chain disruption.

As a result, the PS5 suffers from a hardware shortage. In fact, Sony wants to increase the production of the PlayStation 5 to welcome the moment of the year-end shopping season.

“We see high global inflation rates and adverse currency trends having a very strong impact on the industry,” wrote Sony Chief Executive Jim Ryan.

According to him, a price increase “is a must” given the current global economic environment and its major impact on the company’s future business.

Sony managed to sell 18 million units of the device in the current financial year after selling 11.5 million units in the year ending March 2022.


“Despite the broad range, the PS5’s price increase is relatively the case in markets where the impact is most pronounced from the strength of the US dollar,” wrote analysts at Ampere Analysis.

He added, Microsoft will take advantage of the increase in the price of Sony’s console products to encourage Xbox sales in several potential countries. [SN/HBS]

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