One Piece Odyssey Trailer Shows Interesting Details Of “Alabasta Tour”


Bandai Namco released trailer his newest game, One Piece Odyssey. Trailer gameplay This provides a little information about some of the places of arc iconic that will be explored later gamer.

Developer ILCA takes gamers on a tour of Alabasta, a very important location in the early narrative One Piece in the anime version. The trailer features better exploration points, battles, and quest options.

It looks like ILCA will ensure Alabasta and Waford will have plenty to do and fight for as the Straw Hats try to unravel the mysteries of Waford while seeing how different the main locations are from their previous adventures.

One Piece Odyssey will center on Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates after they are stranded on the mysterious island of Waford due to a sudden and powerful storm. Players will control Luffy and at least seven other Straw Hat crew.


In One Piece Odyysey they will fight and explore Waford to learn the secrets it hides while trying to find a way to escape the island.

This One Piece Odyysey will feature a turn-based combat system, with players going into battle with three members of the group, in addition to exploration that looks to adapt the various abilities of the Straw Hats.

The One Piece Odyysey trailer focuses on the game’s latest follow-up trailer to give players a deeper look at what awaits them. The key point of this trailer is the exploration of the game and how the crew can interact with the world while visiting locations from the world of One Piece.

One of the features featured in the One Piece Odyysey trailer is the field and character action, where players can swap between characters freely while exploring to take advantage of the character’s abilities to collect items or find hidden rooms.

There will be plenty of quests for players to enjoy with trailers highlighting the “side stories” available to Straw Hat members. Side Story will become available as players progress through the main story, offering a respite from the core mysteries surrounding Waford.

The trailer features a side story that will focus on selected characters from the crew, such as Chopper and Sanji who are at the center of the two side stories featured in this gameplay trailer.

In the trailer the combat mechanism shows some of the better points of the battle system that ILCA has made for One Piece Odyysey. In addition to the typical RPG turn-based combat style, players must pay attention to the effectiveness of the character’s battle type which can determine how much advantage the character brings.


The trailer then shows off more scramble area battles where players need to maximize the battle space with characters helping each other and dramatic scenes provide additional battle conditions for players to try and complete for more experience.

One Piece Odyssey is scheduled for release January 13, 2023 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. This game can also be purchased now through a pre-purchase system with 3 versions, namely Standard Edition, Deluxe Edition, and Collector Edition.

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