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No need to panic, see 2 ways to deal with dead Samsung cellphones


Have you ever been bothered by a cellphone that suddenly turns off, or even completely turns off? This can be frustrating, especially if you rely on your cellphone for important activities. One of them is work.

Cases like this often occur in various HP brands, Samsung is no exception. The Caris Signal team will help you find out how to deal with a dead Samsung cellphone, either suddenly or completely carpets aka dead. Check out the full discussion below.

Causes of Dead Samsung Cellphones

Samsung Galaxy A32

Talking about the causes of the death of Samsung cellphones, there are many factors that are the ‘suspect’. The following is a list of causes for the death of Samsung cellphones quoted from various sources:

1. Temperature

Samsung Galaxy A32

One of the most common causes of a cellphone that suddenly turns off is temperature. Quoted from ipitaka, cellphone temperatures that are too cold can trigger chemical reactions; this is what causes problems with your HP battery and makes the HP suddenly turn off.

Well, conversely, the temperature of a cellphone that is too hot can make its chemical reactions cause unwanted things. Of course, in the end your HP will also die completely.

Still according to ipitaka, the temperature of the cellphone is also related to the drained battery capacity. Usually, this is caused by many factors. One of them is an application running in the background. In order to prevent this from happening, it’s a good idea to close the application, especially if you are not using the application.

2. Damage to the Motherboard

Samsung Galaxy A32

Sometimes, your cellphone can die completely or die suddenly due to damage. Specifically, this damage lies in hardware or hardware components such as motherboard.

It can be said that, motherboard is the hardware it’s home to chipset and other important components on your cellphone. Site Carlclare assess, if there is a problem with motherboardYour cellphone can die completely, even when the battery is being charged with sufficient capacity.

3. Inadequate Memory Capacity

Samsung cellphones that suddenly turn off can also be caused by insufficient memory capacity. Quoted from the coil, applications that have a large size can be the main cause of sudden cell phone death.

This might just happen when you run game or heavy apps on the phone low-entry which has a small memory capacity. Try not to run the application or game which is not compatible with your device.

How to Overcome a Dead Samsung Cellphone

Samsung Galaxy A32 cover

The Caris Signal team will invite you to find out how to deal with a Samsung cellphone that has suddenly died and also repair a Samsung cellphone that has died completely. Check out the full discussion in the following points.

1. Overcoming a Sudden Dead Samsung Cellphone


You can practice this method yourself. Especially if you have a problem in the form of a Samsung cellphone that suddenly turns off, even though the battery is still full. Press the volume up and power button simultaneously for a few seconds. Wait until the Samsung logo appears.

After the logo appears, let the system prepare the device first. The process is the same as when you restart (restart) Dead HP. Samsung cellphones will usually return to normal function after this process is complete.

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