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New iPad Pro Cardboard Box Made of Biofiber


The new iPad Pro cardboard boxes will be fiber-based and completely biodegradable. Lisa Jackson of Apple has confirmed it.

The iPad Pro 2022 cardboard box is said to be 99 percent biofiber. Apple strives to make every new product very environmentally friendly.

In 2015, Apple partnered with The Conservation Fund to purchase more than 36,000 acres of vulnerable forest land in Maine and North Carolina.


The next effort, Apple specifically creates materials that can be used for packaging products in a sustainable manner so as to reduce plastic materials.

Like The telephone quote from Apple InsiderThursday (10/27/2022), Lisa Jackson, Apple’s Vice President for Environment, Policy, and Social Initiatives has confirmed.

It reveals how far Apple’s plans have come in packaging for the latest iPad Pro. He said, the material used is biological fiber.

However, Jackson did not state exactly what percentage of fiber-based packaging is for the 10th generation iPad. To be sure, the material is very environmentally friendly.

Apple has unveiled the 2022 iPad Pro to the public. The latest tablet has fierce specifications because it is powered chipset latest M2 and 6E WiFi technology for connectivity.

Chipset The M2 claims to offer 15 percent faster performance than the M1 thanks to eight cores. M2 is supported by a 10-core GPU so it has faster graphics performance.

Other advantages, chipset The M2 can perform 40 percent more operations than the M1 and has bandwidth up to 50 percent more integrated memory.

Not only that, Apple also installed the latest image signal processor in the latest iPad Pro, which allows the tablet to shoot ProRes video.

These advantages are not enough. It is also said that the iPad Pro 2022 can transcode ProRes recordings 3 times faster than the previous generation iPad Pro.

Tablets are also capable of capturing, editing, and publishing high-quality videos. Moreover, there are five additional microphones that have studio recording quality.


iPad Pro 2022 is able to record sound that is sharper and clearer. The audio technology also has a control system quad-speaker and Dolby Atmos. [SN/HBS]

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